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MG TD TF 1500 - Original TF/TD Jubilee '0' size Clips

Hi All,

As has been discussed before on bbs td tf,there are four(4) original Jubilee'0' size clips found on the TF breather pipe hoses/metal pipe,which join the Rocker Cover to the front Vokes carb.

I am desperately after a set of these original Jubilee Clips for the TF1500 restoration. I am aware that you can procure the modern Jubilee Clip replacement,however they are slightly different in form ie.
the clamping screw has a hexagonal versus the original round head screw,plus the grip serrations go all around the band(versus the original which has a 'plain' banding for the top area).

I will pay a top dollar to anyone who has either one or more of the original Jubilees they would like to part with !

I suspect the two(2) Jubilee Clips which are attached to the TD Air Cleaner Pipe also have the same Jubilee Clips ?

Thanks and cheers.
Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

Rob, if you should be lucky enough to find five, I could use one. I am short one on my TF.

Thanks, Dan
Dan Nordstrom

I would like two for my TF.

Let me know if there is a supply of NOS Jubilee clips out there.

'54 TF
T Norby

Rob, any chance of a photo so I can ferret in my box of bits for you? John.
J P Hall

I spoke with the company a couple years ago and they are not making the original type with the cheese head screw. I had to order what they had and as Rob says, they are slightly different. I tried to find originals and no one had any to sell. At least the new ones look better than the conventional clamps. Two concurs shows and the judges never picked up on them. PJ


Here are my originals. I also need two to complete the four. I would not be surprised if these were supplied on Morris's, Austin's and other British cars.


M Magilton

Cheese head screws are available in various sizes. Why not but the repros and replace the screws?

There were two issues mentioned.
One was the screw head.
the other was the continuous slotted band.

I cant help with the screw head, although If I needed t I would make some. Its not trivial since they are worm screws and not Vee threads.
However here are some clamps that are not slotted all the way around.

One could remove the hex head screw and turn the hex off the screw.
I think this would be a closer look but I think the head would be smaller.

If I knew the diameter of the screw head, and I insisted on it being "authentic" I would remove he screw and turn the hex to a stub. I would silver braze (not solder) a sleeve with the correct OD on and slot to suite.

PS I have a TD and mine uses wire clamps, which I hate.

Jim B.
JA Benjamin

Hi Rob, I have delved into my treasure trove of Wolseley 4/44 bits and have uncovered an original rubber hose and what I believe to be 2 original clips. I've also found a third clip minus the screw.

How desperately do you need them? I can bring them to the next club meeting or drop them over at your place during my lunch break. No charge, I'll be pleased to see them contribute to what will undoubtedly be anotherstunning restoration.

Steven Hill

Hi Steven,

A big thank you for your effort in locating some of the Jubilee clips.

The next Club Meeting is on the 16th June at Fremantle and that would be perfectly fine to have a look at the clips.

I remember you as a young teenager volunteering to assist in the
Nat Meet Concours as an Official in one of the 20th Century MG events in Perth,WA ! As Concours Directors, John Lambie and I were impressed with your enthusiasm and zeal. Of course that initial
MG interest has continued into the present time.

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

You might like to know that the original "0" size Terry Jubilee clips turned up on the sunroof front drain tubes on my YA - so I'm guessing they were standard issue at the time of manufacture of Y-Types as well. Speak nicely to all your Y-Type friends! Regards, John.
J P Hall

Thanks John H. Another good lead for the '0' size Jubilees.

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

Just to be picky for a minute - I notice my Jubilee clips are marked TERRY JUBILEE, and under that PATENT (in smaller print) and under that, SIZE O.
Is this the same as the clips shown in photos by Paul and Matthew above? Or is Terry Jubilee just a poor cousin?? Regards, John.

J P Hall


I have four,re cadmium plated Jubilee originals "0" size on my current

They are the same as Matt. Magilton's. The 'Terry ' bit I can't see evident. I certainly would accept them with open arms at the moment!

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

At this stage Rob, I plan to move mine from the YA drain tubes to the air-cleaner pipe on the TD, not for show purposes, as the TD is pretty battle-scarred, but "because I can"!

Having said that, I would like to put a petrol warning light and a Jaeger water temp. gauge on the TC (even more battle-scarred), so if anyone knows where I might source working examples of either of those ... I prefer swapping as a fraternity than having money changing hands, where practicable.

Regards, John.
J P Hall

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