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MG TD TF 1500 - Parts wanted

Is there web page in the USA or Canada that lists good used parts for sale. Like the one in the UK which is great but the shipping costs as much as the part. THANKS
Bill Mason

Bill, I'd suggest contacting your countryman, Hugh Pite at jenntoo (at) Bud
Bud Krueger

Hi Bill
I have a large selection on new, used and restored T Type parts for sale just south of you in Minnesota.

gary krukoski at yahoo dot com
763-226-5789 Text is OK

cheers Gary
gl krukoski

There should be no space between gary and krukoski in the email given.
Lew Palmer

Hi Bill,
Can you give me the UK web page?
Thanks !
C.M. groucho

MG Octagon Club have a Parts For Sale or Wanted page.
Dave H
Dave Hill

If you use ebay, this site is pretty handy.
L E D LaVerne

I have bought used MGT parts from some gentlemen in OHIO. I don't know if they are still in business, but I liked the name of it.
The name was "Old Farts Auto Parts" and I saw them at John Twist's Summer Party.
Cheers, Byron.
JB Warwick

I use this site in Aus:
It lists all the MG clubs in the country. Each club has its own website and I regularly trawl through them one by one and check their marketplace/parts for sale sections. It's a bit more of an effort than mgautowatch but you can sometimes find items that have not been put on fleabay and are just being advertised locally. Perhaps you have a website with a similar focus in the USA?
C I Twidle

Contact me as well offline as I have many TD and XPAG spares. I'm in CA, 🇺🇸

Bill Chasser

W A Chasser

Just as a first heads up: As my 84th is fast approaching, I am beginning to make plans to sell off all my used and new MG T series parts remaining in the barn(s) after my 40+ year career of restoring, buying and selling Ts. Most books and literature are to go as well. Almost all TC and TF used parts are gone except for one nearly complete TC. I can ship individual items from Northern California or, for volume, think of at least one long Sprinter full - maybe two. Extensive MG model car collection is also open to offers and maybe my J-2 and PB four seater. The YT and Arnolt converible are probably sold overseas.

Anything from a front fender to a bolt

Jarl de Boer
t lange

The above post does not come from me, but probably from my friend, Jarl de Boer. Shows you that sending links to someone else can cause confusion!

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Tom. Do you have a contact for Jarl. Been many years since I saw him and I might be interested in his toy collection. I remember he had quite a few.
Bruce Cunha

I'm looking for used 1500 TF turn signal unit...Anyone know where?
R.M. gardner

Bruce. I have Jarl's info. I need to trek down to his place again in the near future. You interested I. A road trip? Side note: he Is one of the POs of dad's TD/c after he sold it.

Bill Chasser
W A Chasser

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