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MG TD TF 1500 - Patent plate restoration help

I was wondering if anyone has had success restoring the patent plate on the TF. It's probably the same plate on the TD as well.

The original was nickel plated with black background. Over the years, the nickel has wore off leaving just the brass exposed. On survivor cars such as the one on TF9052 you can still see the nickel plating.

I am trying to fill in the black back ground. I have nickel plated my original patent plate. I have filled in the center inside the nickel borders with black enamel. After drying I lay the plate flat and gently wet sand the surface with 1500 grit paper.

When I get a pretty good result exposing the lettering, black paint starts to lift the the background.

Frustrated on my last order from B&G I ordered the patent plate. The picture was poor online but I could see it had the correct nickel border but when it arrived when I opened the package the text doesn't match compared to the original. It's not even close!

Any ideas for prep, materials, techniques etc., would be greatly appreciated.

Attached is picture of the one from B&G and the original.



Frank Cronin


Fill the letters/numbers, let dry and then wipe with a dry rag. If that does not take off the paint, use a rag lightly coated with thinner. Not wet enough to fill the letters/numbers.
Bruce Cunha

That second site would not come up.
Any ideas?
Tried cut and paste.
M Grogan

Delete the https:// and you can get it if you cut and paste:
Gene Gillam

Frank; Tried several ways of removing black from raised lettering. In the end, this plastic scraper worked best. Tried it a couple of times with varying success - finally let the paint get almost dry and then carefully ran the scraper across for the final result.


I really struggled with this as well. The recessed lettering in the post above looks way better than mine. I'll give it another go using the technique suggested. Thanks momsauto. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

You can try soaking a bed sheet stretched over glass in lacquer thinner to remove the bulk of the paint. You might have to repeat this multiple times going to a new area of the bedsheet each time.

Once you have most of the paint removed then put some very light rubbing compound on the bedsheet over the glass and polish. Might have to repeat this too.

The trick is that you need an absolutely flat surface (the glass) and the material (bedsheet) has to be extremely smooth too.

See my tips for this at the bottom of this page:
Christopher Couper

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