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MG TD TF 1500 - Press Front Drums On?

Reassembling the front end. Had the drums cleaned up and new bearings (Moss) pressed in. Now the drums are getting held up on the inner bearing and spindle. Is it really necessary to have some type of press to get these back on? Or is there a difference in the inner diameter of the bearing that's the problem? Same issue on both sides.
RS Scardamalia

They are a very snug fit. Put the nut on and gradually tighten. It will push the drum in to place. If not enough threads, start without the washer. George
George Butz III

That's what I was hoping to do George but haven't gotten them far enough to catch a couple of threads. Don't want to start hammering on them.
RS Scardamalia

Measure the OD of the spindle and the ID of the bearing in the drum. I would believe worst case scenario would be 5 thou interference. You may have the wrong bearings.

G Evans

5 thou interferance is a monster press fit
.001"/inch of shaft interferance is normal shop practice for a press fit
Size on size (both the same size) is a light press fit which is roughly what these bearings should be
at their tightest
William Revit

I start stubborn front drums by squeezing the drum and backing plate with one hand (to try to equalize the pressure), and by tapping on the other side between lugs with a dead-blow hammer. I then change hands and tap on the other side to get the bearing to move sttraight on the spindle, and do it that way on the top and bottom. Takes a few minutes, but when I can get a nut on the spindle I seat it that way.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

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