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MG TD TF 1500 - Quick release pins/bolts?

I'm starting to think about a heater modification. In order to easily check gearbox oil etc, I'd like to design a "quick release" system.
The electrical wires (4 of them, 2 for the heater fan and 2 for the solenoid valve) are easy, there are plenty of good electrical multipin connectors available.
I can buy a set of 5/8 quick release hose connectors (very expensive but available at Summit Racing and other specialty racing sites, guaranteed not to leak).
The heater box bolts to the bottom/rear of the battery box. I'd like to find a good quick release pin setup which would allow me to just "pop" to release the heater allowing me to remove the whole assembly easily.
Any suggestions?
Geoffrey M Baker

Just be sure to get a hose quick connect which seals itself when disconnected. Otherwise you risk making a swimming pool of the cockpit. Unless, of course, you drain the system before dropping the heater. That makes the idea of a quick disconnect rather pointless.

I would build a bracket to hold the heater that has pins or a couple of knobs to hold the heater bracket to one mounted to the car.

You might think about Dzus fasteners. I've used them for a number of quick connection applications.

They are available from a number of sources.

Roy Challberg

Lew, the heater is on a "sled" I built to hold the heater and plumbing (and solenoid valve) so that's not a problem. The quick disconnect hoses will all be valved and claim not to lose more than a couple of drops when disconnected....
I came across these as I was searching:

Geoffrey M Baker

sounds like a lot of work to check the gear oil to me. I'm able to check it easily even with the heater installed. I tied a piece of wire to the dip stick to make it easier to pull out. takes a minute twice a year or so.
efh Haskell

How about the quick release hose connectors at your local hardware store?? They close off when disconnected,, not really expensive..
Steve Wincze

I've used them on hydraulic skid steer attachments. No fluid lost from either side of the line. They are much to heavy for your application but they. I'm wondering if a small tractor lynch pins might do the job? Hard to guess without seeing the rig you have.
MG LaVerne

Steve, they aren't rated for high temperature applications. The racing ones are expensive, but are also smaller than the large industrial types LaVerne refers to (I checked those out too), and fully rated for high temperatures and corrosive liquids.
Geoffrey M Baker

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