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MG TD TF 1500 - Rear Seal Oil Drip

My XPEG was rebuilt by an ex MG mechanic who worked as a young man for an MG dealership. My engine has no oil drips anywhere, including the rear crank area. Definitely not complaining, but why is my engine void of oil leaks when it seems like most others have that problem? Not being needed, I eliminated the drip pans on the garage floor. 100 mile run and when parked, no drips. Curious. No special seal was installed on the rear of the crank. PJ

See what it does after you add

If the rear scroll is set up properly it won't leak..unless parked on a steep grade..
Yours will eventually start to drip. Just the nature of the beast.
Regards, tom
tm peterson

Well, I kept the drip pan handy, just in case! Grin. PJ

I'm on my second Moss rear seal (the improved one) and it leaks like there's no seal at all. I followed all instructions (11 pages?), even added a speedi-sleeve and had the flywheel machined a little to meet specified tolerances. Talked to Laurie Alexander. I gave up.

By the way, I owe you one for the tip about the chrome guy in OK. He did an impressive job on the instrument cluster chromed bezel.

Will order a TF seat cover kit tomorrow from Moss (don't know of any reasonable alternative) to move ahead on the seats. Then can complete the carpet and install the dash. Other than the top, tonneau, and side curtains, that about it!

Tyler Irwin

Are you sure he put your XPAG back in? :-)

TW Burchfield

My TF 1250 has standard seals and gaskets and doesn't leak, I even had to r and r the sump for another matter and it still doesn't leak.......yet!
Maybe it's luck?
Regards, Don TF 4887 "Figaro"
Don Walker

There is a place where, if not sealed, oil can leak whether the seal is original or not. See image. I am guessing that this is the problem for many cars. Even the newest Moss instructions do not mention it!! The diagram is from the instructions I supplied when I used to manufacture rear seal kits (c1988-2000). Maybe cars that don't leak have this area sealed?

Bob Schapel

R L Schapel

Question for those who are running all original factory type seals and have no oil leaks. What is your indicated oil pressure when running (warm engine) at normal speeds?
Jim Merz

Maybe the engine builder shortened the drain tube.
C.R. Tyrell

Jim, I did put a 'qualifier' on my post...YET !
The car has only been on very short runs as it is not yet completely finished.
It does show 50lb hot.
Regards, Don TF 4887 "Figaro"
Don Walker


My TD was reconditioned around 1985. I purchased in 2002. It always had dripped about a silver dollar size spot but only after being run on the road. No drips in between. All these years and still the same. In answer to the question Oil pressure near 70 lbs on cold start. 45 to 55 lbs when running, depending on RPM. Hot idle 35 to 40 lbs. All according to original gauge that has been trouble free so far.


Jim Haskins 1953 TD
J M Haskins

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