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MG TD TF 1500 - Shock Absorbers

Peter (TD10879) and I (TD25009) are trying to restore the dampers on our cars. Peter's shocks leak and mine don't absorb shocks (probably due to little or no fluid). Anyway, I searched, with no success whatsoever, for prior threads on this subject. I'm sure they are there but I've never been able to do a successful search.

For Peter, front shocks, need new seals where the upper shafts exit the body of the shock. Probably the same for me but first I need to get the caps off to see if there is any fluid at all in there.

Any info or links to prior threads will be appreciated.


J. K. Chapin

I highly recommend that you send them to off to World Products. They provide a lifetime guaranty. Iíve had three sets done by them. If you donít have to have your originals for their date codes, you can have them send a set to you in advance. You will pay for the shocks outright with a core charge. They can also tune the Armstrongís valving for you for a mite spirited driving experience. Once you send your old ones back in the pre paid box they will refund the core charge if yours arenít damaged. Very painless way to go about it. World will also rebuild Andrex dampers though they do not advertise this.

I donít have personal experience with Apple Hydraulics who is also a rebuilder but a close friend who used them a few years ago wasnít happy with the workmanship or their customer service when a set of Andrex dampers were sent to them. They claim to rebuild them. Upon their return to the customer for installation they were destroyed in short order and Apple did not take responsibility for their inferior and improper materials they used to rebuild them.

Bill Chasser
W A Chasser

Yep. Sounds like a rebuild is needed for both sets. Peter at World is really the way to go. I have no issues with Apple, but Peter has done my TD and My B and they are great. And he guarantees them against leaking for life.

A rubber belt wrench works on getting the cap off, but if they are empty, they are leaking and need a rebuild.
Bruce Cunha

That's Peter Caldwell at Worldwide Auto Parts in Madison, Wisconsin. (just to clarify).
Lew Palmer

Declan was making spanners for the Girling filler caps at one time.
W A Chasser

I think I still have a few left.

Declan Burns

Thanks. I think Peter at World Wide is going to get some new business.

J. K. Chapin

This thread was discussed on 14/01/2020

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