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MG TD TF 1500 - Sixty-three Year Love Affair With a TD

John Camichos, one of the three founders of the Classic MG Club in 1963, is the ultimate MG enthusiast. He bought his 1950 TD in 1956. He drives it like he stole it, yet it looks almost exactly as he purchased it in 1956.

He was profiled in a wonderful article in this month's Sacred Octagon by the New England MG T Register. Don't miss it.

The article includes a history of GOF-South and John's 100% participation.

Congratulations John and congrats to all of us for maintaining our cars and our MG friends.


> top photo: 1956 soon after purchase
> bottom photo: 2016 great MG; great owner

LM Cook

Great story. One of our club members bought his TC brand new in 1949 and still owns it. Until medical problems arose a couple years ago, he was still driving the car regularly. It's unrestored and original, and in surprisingly good shape considering all the touring he has done with it.
Steve Simmons

True enthusiasm! And what a brilliant pair of photos from OP. It must have taken a bit of doing to set up the second shot so exactly. Both car and driver look in great shape.
Peter Allen

John is a club leader, a friend, and my mentor. It was an honor to photograph him. We caused a few traffic jams on the bridge.

Here is John and TD1802 in color.


LM Cook

Awesome! Will read article tonight. George
George Butz III

Great photos Lonnie, so rare to photograph the same owner and car in the same place so many years later! Quite an achevement. PJ
PJ Jennings

Great job duplicating the photo's. From looking at the bridge balustrades it looks like you were within mm's of the original position.
Christopher Couper

Yes, and that tree in the background is like older men, less leaves, less hair.

Good Show.

James Neel

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