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MG TD TF 1500 - Spare tire knockoff direction?

I hate to have to ask, but just how does one remove a wire wheel spare tire from a TF?

It's been a few years since I last removed it, so I have no preconceived notion which direction to turn the knockoff. The ears are such that I tried to turn it clockwise to loosen. This seems a bit strange, since that would indicate a lefthand thread. I pounded for 15 minutes, got it turned only about 30 degrees, and it seems to be getting tighter. I've tried to pound it back (counterclockwise), and it doesn't seem to be moving.

Only the knockoff moves - the wheel stays fixed. I've tried rotating the wheel, but can't budge it. Maybe a board tied to the spokes would move it, but which direction?

To protect the knockoff's ear, I normally use a nylon block fitted to the ear to spread the shock from the copper hammer, but even hitting the ear directly doesn't help. My next step is to use my 3 pound hand sledge on the nylon block, but I'd really appreciate somebody confirming that the knockoff should be removed clockwise.



David Plumpe

Counterclockwise. The only reason for LH threads (tighten CW) is something moving to keep inertia/momentum, or rotational friction from loosening it. Is there a pin that keeps the wheel from rotating at the bottom? Been a long time since I looked at that on a TF, If so, don't rotate the wheel. George
George Butz III

Well, I finally decided to disregard the knockoff ear shape and knock the heck out of it counterclockwise. It took a few dozen whacks, but it gradually loosened up.

I had a vague recollection that I don't usually use the hammer to tighten the spare. I normally just tighten the knockoff by hand, then rotate the tire & knockoff together till it's tight. And my recollection was to rotate clockwise to tighten, ergo CCW to loosen.

Why is it the little things cause the most trouble?

Thanks for the reply, George, but I think you mean "The only reason for LH threads (tighten CCW)". No, there's no pin keeping the wheel from rotating.

David Plumpe

Messy crap but I always use anti-sieze on my knock offs.
TRM Maine

Typo, yes CCW for LH. There is suppose to be a pin at the top, at least there is on some pictures and parts diagrams I just found. Could have been cut off or production change if yours is missing.

George Butz III

Dave, your TF should have a 'pin' to locate the wheel as per my photo.
Regards, Don

Donald J Walker

My pin broke off and I have not bothered to replace it since I can get the spinner very tight by simply pulling the wheel around without the need of a hammer.

M Magilton

Mine is missing, actually never knew one was supposed to be there. I tighten mine up like Matthew. PJ
PJ Jennings

The ear shape is the clue to the way to tighten or loosen the knock-off. The flat (radial) surface is always for tightening as that is the priority, and the angled (tangential) surface is for loosening. No exceptions that I know of.
Dave H
Dave Hill

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