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MG TD TF 1500 - Stearing Arm

How does one remove the steering arm from the steering knuckle? I have removed the nut, and tried tapping with a hammer....also tried a puller. I didn't want to apply too much force. I know there is a Woodruff key inside but can't see how to get at it.

Thanks, Bill

Sorry about the typo in the title

Bill Reid

Put the nut back on until flush with the end of the thread and don't be gentle - it takes a big thump to shift it.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Bill, I would not use any sort of hammer since, even with the nut on, you are likely to damage the threaded portion of the arm. I have found these to be very tight and have only been successful by using a 10 ton press.
Hugh Pite
H.D. Pite

Does it just slide out after the nut is removed or is there something else that must be done first?
Bill Reid

It slides out and if I remember correctly, there is a taper.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Bill, Hydraulic puller and heat applied with a narrow oxy tip along longitudinal line.
G Evans

Maybe some heat from a torch on the surrounding metal would help?
John Quilter

Dry Ice it. Just the stud area... then give it a wack.
M Grogan

I like this tool. Elegant, easy, no hammering or heat. I bought mine at a local tool store for $20.

'54 TF

T Norby

Bill, and all
My bad. Ignore my post above. I failed to look at your photo. THAT arm and knuckle.
I think you need the methods others mentioned.

T Norby

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