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MG TD TF 1500 - Steering Column Components

I took over 1000 pics during disassembly of the TD, but I find that there are images I need but donít have. There are also diagrams, but the order of assembly is still unclear to me. My question starts at the metal excluder plate..on the outside of the firewall or inside? I assume the plate holds the leather excluder to the firewall which then extends up into the cockpit. From that point, itís unclear to me what goes where. Anybody got a good pic or diagram of the portion of the column inside the cockpit?

Bill Reid TD4618

W A Chasser

Perhaps this may help.

Jim B.

JA Benjamin

I hope that this thread continues. Peter and I were looking over my TD (25009) and noticed how little clearence there is between the steering column knuckle and the lower mounting bolt for the generator (see pic attached). On his TD (10879) there is 3/4 to 1 inch of clearence. I can see no way to adjust or enlarge the clearence. This small clearence has not caused any problem to date but it would be unamusing if the knuckle snagged on the generator bold during a turn.

Any thoughts or suggestions for increasing the clearence?



J K Chapin

At the top from the outside.

Keep the flange as close to the firewall as possible.
I remember turning the screw heads around, after taking picture, to get more room.
If the securing bolt is not tight (in this picture its loose.) it will walk out.

Jim B.

JA Benjamin

Just a tip. Apply some upholstery glue to the leather fume excluder along the edges that get mated the the plate and then pre cut the holes for the bolts. Keeps everything in place when trying to install this which can be a real awkward position.

Frank Cronin

Jud: It is what it is since the steering rack position is what determines where this joint sits. Everything is in position correctly its tight but should be fine.

Just make sure your engine stabilizer is solid. You may find you need to tilt the engine a bit toward the carb side to make sure you have enough clearance but other than a loose engine mount etc. you should not have to worry about this hitting while driving.
Christopher Couper

Thanks Chris. I'll just keep on driving (whenever the d@~ned bug dies).

J K Chapin

Thanks, Jim.....the pic helps!
Bill Reid TD4618

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