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MG TD TF 1500 - TD front bumper brackets


In my 53 TD I happen to carry different front bumper brackets that hinder the correct bumper alignment.

Can you tell me which one in the photos is the correct one?

I will need to purchase at least one. Maybe they are not so difficult to fabricate, except that the material is perhaps some hard and springy steel.

Thanks for your responses.


J Benajes

Right one has curved/rounded edges and appears original, the other very squared edges not.
George Butz


The left bracket is a reproduction, If you buy one new you will get a square a edged part, to me they just don't look correct. You need to find a good used one. They sometimes come up on e Ebay.


J Scragg

I agree - the same parts on my car, plus the two at the rear, have rounded edges as in the RH photo, and they are the original parts. Also, in both photos, where the brackets are held by chassis bolts, the metal blades do not appear square to the bolts - they appear to have been bent by collisions to the outer ends of the bumpers. On my TD, the metal blades are square to the chassis bolts, so perhaps some corrective bending is required.

RA is correct- should be flat surface at bolt holes, yours are a bit bent.
George Butz

Thanks for the useful responses.

I conclude that the best course of action would be to source an original bracket, instead of buying a repro one.

I will also revise at the orientation of the brackets with the chassis, but they are really better aligned than what the photos show.

J Benajes

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