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MG TD TF 1500 - TD Gearbox Cowling

My gearbox cowling doesn't seem to fit! In reinstalling the transmission, floorboards, prop shaft tunnel and gearbox cowling on my 52 TD, I find the gearbox cowling to be an "odd" fit to the floorboard/chassis nuts and the toe plate. If I bolt to the toe plate, the cowling extends an inch or so further back the driving compartment than the chassis bolt holes allow. If I bolt the cowling to the chassis, the gearbox cowling sits high on the toe plate.

Can anyone comment on whether or not the PO substituted a TF cowling for the TD version? Or do I just need to get a bigger hammer?

Note - when I first disassembled the bits, I noted that none of the screws holding the gearbox cowling to the toe plate were in place. I thought that the PO had just gotten too busy to eaten everything up. The problem seems deeper than that.

Any links to proper images of either TD or TF cowlings would be appreciated.


W. L. Swift

It looks exactly like the one that I have hanging in my garage, and that I removed from the TF when I fitted a Ford Type 9 box.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Walt, do you have the transmission tunnel, then floorboards (with padding between chassis etc and floorboards), then the gearbox cover installed in this order. The gearbox cover is the last item installed.

I am replacing the floor in a Y Tourer and found if the above were not installed in this order, bolt holes did not line up. I found I needed to use a screw driver and "G" clamp to manipulate the cover so left and right hand bolt holes lined up.
Stuart Duncan

The number given for the gearbox cover pressing is the same in both the TD and TF factory Service Parts Lists (136314).
So I presume the fault must be somewhere else in the assembly if the cover has not been messed with. Maybe the toeboard is sitting on top of the boards?
Just my thoughts.


M Magilton

Terminology may be the problem here.
First install driveshaft cover (steel) then padding followed by the floor boards. Then comes the actual transmission cover (steel) and lastly the rubber cover(Snug).
Some have tried to put the rubber cover under the transmission cover.
Sandy Saunders

Sandy, can you verify the steel transmission cover goes under the floor boards. My TF was the other way, had to take cover out to get floor board out.


P G Gilvarry

Peter -

You misread Sandy's reply. He said that the floorboards are installed after the driveshaft tunnel, then the gearbox cover is install.

LM Cook

It's amazing how often this order issue comes up. Tried archive digging, but couldn't find a simple thread on the issue. We should probably create one for that very purpose and name it accordingly. Bud
Bud Krueger

My setup is not original nor "snugged" up 'cause I keep having to remove the floorboards for something or another. My firewall is bent in spots so I have a time getting 3 of of 4 bolts to thread!
R Biallas

I'd be happy to host such a thing on Ttalk. Doubt if I could put together a decent set of images to show the whole thing from empty space to floormats. Let me go through my image files and see what I can find. Might also be a good excuse to pull the gearbox out and send it to Len Fanelli for refreshing before the next 3,000 mile trip. Bud
Bud Krueger

This thread was discussed on 21/10/2016

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