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Putting the distributer back in a rebuilt 1250 T engine.
Need help with correct orientation.
Any help appreciated.

Dan H.
D.E. Hanson

Hi Dan, Iím no expert but I just did mine a couple of weeks ago so in the absence of more expert help here is what I did:
Set the crank on No 1 a few degrees before TDC - opinions seem to vary between 5 & 7. You want to finish with the flat part of the body roughly parallel to the block but on the opposite side to the block. This makes the clips accessible and the coil lead clear of possible contact with the tachometer gearbox. To get to this you need begin to insert the gears roughly 25 degrees anticlockwise of this position. As it goes in it will rotate towards the correct position. If it doesnít, take it out and rotate it a little until it lines up. Then use a light to tweak it to points just opening.
Hope this helps,
C I Twidle

Here is a picture of mine if you have the original 40367 or 40368.
It is the same as fig C14 of the WSM.


LC Laurent31

Thank you Chris,
Been away from this in quite a while. where is no. 1 on the distributor?
D.E. Hanson

Bottom right on my picture
LC Laurent31

Depends on the position the body finishes up in. When it is in position as described, put the rotor arm in and it will point to No1 then go anticlockwise from there. The firing order is cast into the exhaust manifold.
C I Twidle

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