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MG TD TF 1500 - TF Factory Production Records

I was watching a John Twist video earlier about TF9511 and was thing that is just 8 cars after my TF9503.

When I look up the Production records at

I see that TF9503 was produced 22FEB55 with engine number XPEG/3345, expecting 8 numbers later car to be produced a day or two later with an enhine number 8 later.

However TF9511 was produced a week earlier on 15FEB55 with and engine number XPEG/3299 some 46 numbers earlier.

I wonder if they were produced in batches of leaft hand Vs right hand drive or something similar?

From a quick look the made a batch of HDA46 then 16 then 26, maybe color was the controlling factor?

Any thoughts?


P G Gilvarry

The engines arrived from another plant and were a bit mixed up by the time the made the production line. There were colour batches for efficiency but I am not sure why the chassis numbers are out of sequence.

M Magilton

No correlation between build date/Chassis # and engine # sequence. A TD built 3 cars after mine has an engine number 10 or so earlier. I would guess they had a room full of engines and just took whatever was most convenient. George
George Butz

I think out of sequence chassis numbers happened when a car went off the line for rectification (damage or fault during PDI)
Ray TF 2664
Ray Lee

I have a copy of the daily build sheet for my car, TF 4887 (courtesy T Lange), the numerals for the chassis numbers are in order and typed, the prefixes and engine numbers are hand written in. It's interesting that all the cars are HDP, Ivory, and preceding mine are 8 HDP36's then 6 HDP 26's, then HDP 16's. The engine numbers are mostly within 10-20 number-wise but occasionally 100 difference.
Regards, Don TF 4887 "Figaro' TC 1736 "Sibelius'
Don Walker

As mentioned above, I have copies of the factory Production Records.

The cars were produced in batches by color. So on Tuesday Feb. 15, 1955, these cars were built: TF9423 through 9425, TF9484 through 9502, and TF9507-9523. Almost all were HDA46 cars, one HDA36 and one HDA16 car.

So, the common factor is that ALL the HD (TF) cars made on that Tuesday were painted black (A), cellulose on the body and synthetic on the fenders and splash apron (6), in various different configurations for different markets.

The pattern is not 100% exact but is still consistent; on some days the previous build day's color would appear on a few carry-over cars, a bunch of new-color cars would be made, and maybe a few of the NEXT day's colors would begin to appear. On the next build day, for instance, a week later on Feb. 22, a few black cars were made, many Birch Grey cars were made, and then a few reds, which were continued on the NEXT build day.

I hope this helps clarify things.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Thanks Tom, that makes sense. So different to today's "just in time" logistics.

Appreciate the heads up.

P G Gilvarry

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