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MG TD TF 1500 - TF speedo maintenance

I have removed my speedo to sort out an erratic trip odometer.
I have taken off the clock mechanism and I think I now have to remove the clock fingers to get the speedo out of the case. Is this so?
Also does anybody know the thread type for the 2 nuts and 1 screw holding the clock body to the speedo.
It is awkward on mileage based rallies doing maths in my head using the main odometer.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

Yes you will need to remove the clock hands before removing the speedometer from the case for service. Be very very careful when doing so. I do not know the thread type..sorry. If either odometer is not working, the chances are good that the fiber gear has teeth that have been stripped away. I had to replace that gear in my tach not long after I got the car running. I'm pretty sure that I used a gear from an early Sprite speedometer or tach I hand in the bin. If you can't find one in your area, try Hugh Pite as that was the source for the one I usd recently. If you remove gear, pay attention to the lever and the very tiny spring. You will also need to remove the reset cable and the brass drive bushing before removing the speedometer from the case. You will need a very small jewelers screwdriver to remove the very tiny not lose it.
L E D LaVerne

On occasion my tripmeter stops, quick push on the "zero" thingie and it works again.

P G Gilvarry

Only a related topic. I'm looking for a clock for my TF1500 removed by a previous owner any help please?
JK Mazgaj

many thanks everybody. It works most of the time but sometimes fails to start after a section reset.
Ray Lee

Could not see the small screw in my cold dull garage and now in the house. I can see what you mean by small screw and how easy it would be to lose it. It will be dismantled on a sheet of white paper in a nice warm lounge.
Ray Lee

I forgot to add, try John Ostick at JDO Instruments. Last time I was there he had a lot of old stock. I can't find any model number but here are a couple of photos you can send to him

Ray Lee


Ray Lee

Ray I would add another element to your paper sheet. Buy yourself a large baking pan with raised edges. Line the sheet with your paper. That will add an additional layer of protection so that your bits donít accidentally get swiped onto the floor. I also use Tupperware or cottage cheese, or margarine containers to put the loose parts in and snap the lid on for safe keeping just be careful when popping the lid back off so your pieces arenít ending up on the floor. Though itís not fool proof, me being the fool at times, it has worked well for me in trying to contain the parts.

Bill Chasser
W A Chasser

Hi Ray,

I had the TF's speedo reconditioned by Speedograph Richfield in Nottingham after I had fitted the 5speed 'box. I think the price was about £60 and it came back looking like a new instrument. The needle is absolutely rock steady.


J Targosz

What ever you do dont flush the internals with solvent of any description until you remove the numerals. Not a pretty sight watching the numerals disappear before your eyes, dont ask I have "been there done that".

Google "Repairing Jaeger and Smiths Speedometers" for a pdf which is extremely helpful.

G Evans

Solved, the return spring for the ratchet release and reset return had snapped at the end loop. Just curled over another loop and all OK.
Ray Lee

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