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MG TD TF 1500 - TF top hose stockinette finish

The top hose to the radiator originally a stockinette finish. In search of one, I did locate a supplier in Florida but when I called it didn't seem the person was doing so well. I was told out of stock and the owner is in the hospital....

So either the search continues or make your own.

I got a spare top hose and gave it a try to duplicate a stockinette finish.

How did it come out?


TF 1414

Frank Cronin

Ya done good. I would love to have it on my TF when I complete the restoration.

I removed one from my TF when I bought it five years ago.


LM Cook


I have the 'stockinette' top radiator hose on both the 1250 and the 1500. These came some years ago from the man in Florida.

Your effort is very similar to his product.

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

It's not bad but it comes a little short how it really should look. I'm going to try again. This was a practice run of an idea that I had. I put too much Permatex on which is really thick and hid much of the cross stitching that I wanted.

Stay tuned.


TF 1414
Frank Cronin

Wow. Close enough. Good job.
Christopher Couper

Nice job Frank, were the lower straight hoses made out of the same material? I'd like a set if they ever come available! PJ
PJ Jennings

The lower hoses did not have the sock finish but more like a cloth tape finish. I think these are readily available. Check FTFU. I think he has them.
Christopher Couper

Second time around....This I think came out much better so there you can see the stitching.


TF 1414

Frank Cronin

Wow! Perfect. Tell me your secrete. I wanna make one ... if I ever complete my restoration.

LM Cook

Please share the process Frank. Unless you are going into business making them.

I need one for my TD restoration.
Bruce Cunha

Making one is pretty easy. Just some time and patience and don't rush what I learned after the first go around.

Materials needed:

1. Radiator top hose $13.99 from Moss
2. Rolling pin cover / sock. $2.99 Bed Bath & Beyond. Perfect diameter to get a nice stretch.
3. Permatex Ultra Black silicone gasket maker $5.97 from Walmart
4. Disposable gloves (gets messy)
5. Two elastic bands
6. Mini -torch or lighter
7. Rust-Oleum High Heat flat black paint $8.78 Home Depot

Install the rolling pin cover on to the full length of radiator hose and clip off the excess but leave a few inches on each end for ease of handling.

Roll back one side of the sock just a little bit half way so you can apply the Permatex. Wipe an even layer but not too thick with your finger tip on the hose.

Roll back the rolling pin cover on to the hose. Take note of the stitching (lengthwise) to make sure everything is nice and straight and not a “wavy”.

Install elastic band between the bellow.

Repeat on other side and let completely dry overnight. Picture below is at this step.

After a complete cure, remove the elastic bands and put on another set of gloves. What’s next is the important part. What you want to do is just get a small dab of Permatex (no globs) on the tip of your finger and dab repeatedly to the sock. Less is more in this instance. The goal here is to saturate the fibers of the cotton with the Permatex. DO NOT WIPE unless you like how my first one on the top of this thread came out. It will fill in the cross stitching and ruin the “stockinet” look. Squirt some Permatex on a piece of scrap card board and keep on dabbing gradually filling in the fibers to impregnate the Permatex. Patience and alternating fingers to tap on / dab on helps prevent overfill of the stitching.

Let dry overnight.

From all the dabbing the cotton fibers have lifted and you will see some unsightly fuzz balls / lint. This is where the flame comes in. I used a mini torch to “singe” the lint to make everything nice and flat.

I then used some high temperature paint to help fill in any areas where you see some white still in the cotton.

Allow time to completely dry.

Trim both ends and you’re done!


Frank Cronin

Frank, great job. I'm unclear as to whether this stockinet top hose was also fitted to the TD? I thought the TD hose originally had just one bulge in the middle? Can anyone clarify? Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

Very interesting. So I am clear. The sock stays on and you are thinly coating it with the gasket sealant?

I found a couple of old top hoses that are cracked. Perfect for experimenting with.
Bruce Cunha

Genius! Good work. Well done.
Be well,
D. Sander


You are correct, see Moss 434-410, one bulge in plain hose.

James Neel


The sock stays on. Look at Lonnie's picture. I just used a rolling pin cover to get the appearance as close as I could get. The Permatex is basically like an adhesive keeping the sock on the hose. On the outside you are embedding the fibers to keep it a "rubbery like" stockinette finish.

I'll mention again. The Permatex is "gooey" so put a dab on your index finger and thin it out rubbing your index finger with your thumb. Doesn't take long to fill in all the white but keep tapping away using different fingers to help lift excess if you applied too much in one area.


Frank Cronin

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