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MG TD TF 1500 - thoughts of oil filter replacement

My TD is a December 1950 build. According to Moss the spin on conversion is only available for latter cars. I have replaced the element in mine but it is very expensive at $50+. Lately I have been changing the oil frequently but not the filter element. I have been noting the oil pressure for any pressure drop that may indicate filter clogging. Should I bite the bullet and shell out the money at each change or change the element after X number of changes or at first sign of pressure drop?
Bob McLeod TD 5618

The element should only be about 7 dollars plus shipping. See Item 100 or 125.

I bought a filter at the local auto parts store for about 8 dollars they had it in stock. Wanted to change the oil and didn't want to wait for shipping.

Bob, I think that Bub Grunau produces a sin-on adapter for early engines Bud
Bud Krueger

Butch Taras also makes an excellent conversion for the early TD for less than $100. I installed one on my 51 TD, and it went on like a piece of cake.

g parker

Does the spin off conversion filter oil in the correct direction? I know some conversion kits for pre war cars forced the oil into the outlet of the filter and the clean oil exited from the inlet. I was told this is OK but not something I would want to do.

Jan T
J Targosz


Reverse direction may be OK on some filters, but often spin on filter cartridges have a one-way valve which would completely block oil flow if used in an incorrect spin-on adapter.
Having said that, any reputable supplier of adapters have it correctly routed. I know Bob Grunau's adapters are correct and I can only assume Butch's are as well.
Lew Palmer

Contact Doug at
M Grogan

FTFU had a nice original appearing filter that houses a spin-on inside. Due to the clutch linkage on my TD, I can unfortunately not remove the lower half to change the filter without removing the entire assembly. Not a problem on RHD or a TC. George
George Butz

An XPAG/EG really needs a one-way valve on its filter, or each startup can do a lot of wear. I've found that the original V64 filter that came with my spin-on conversion kit for the TF is no longer available. It took quite a while to find a suitable replacement because the V64 seems to have disappeared from data bases. Its a Ryco Z131A, if anyone needs it.

D A Provan

Abingdon Spares carries a spin on conversion for the TC and early TD, as well as one for the later TD and TF. We include a spin on filter with each one. And we carry the correct copper washers you will need to seal it all up!
We installed one on our TC, and added a vintage Fram decal. Follow this link to learn more.

EC Cooke

Not too sure why the filter requires a one way valve David, the canister is already full of oil

rgds Trevor
t burnett

I agree with Trevor. One way or "anti-drain" valves are required where the filter will empty itself due to gravity.

On an XPAG with the vertical filter there is no chance the filter can drain due to gravity. I have no experience with the later horizontal filter, so perhaps that is the one David is referring.

On a forum such as this, we need to be specific, so as not to be confusing.


Sorry, Tony, I did say TF but didn't restrict my comments to the XPAG/EG in that car.

D A Provan

I opted for the Butch Taras conversion and it has worked perfectly. I too ran into the filters being made of unobtainium and the whole idea became too expensive. The Taras conversion was extremely easy and made oil changes much better.
Keith Yarbrough(TD 1275)

Anyone done a comparison on what elements are currently available? My car has the later oil pump. Pros, cons, cost, effectiveness, paper, felt etc.? Repco have replacement filters here but not sure how good they are. Filtering the oil effectively is not something I want to skimp on but always looking to prevent throwing money away needlessly. Cheers
Peter TD 5801
P Hehir

Your choice of filter is a good one but for another reason
The Ryco Z131A has a bypass valve built in which is a real important to have
If you run a filter without a bypass , the thicker viscosity oils used in these engines struggles to get through the filter when dead cold and having a filter like the Z131A prevents the engine from being starved of oil in this situation as the bypass valve will open and supply oil to the system

William Revit

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