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MG TD TF 1500 - Tickler Pin

I pulled out a spare set of TD carbs that I have in my parts and found that they are actually a fresh rebuild and are in better condition the carbs on my TD.

So I decided to use them. In cleaning them up, I found that one of the tickler pins is brass and the other steel. The two in my TD are steel.

I kind of like the brass pin, but probably will switch it with one of my steel ones just to keep things the same.

Anyone else have brass tickler pins?

I also added a picture of the carbs all cleaned up with refreshed blued steel.

I also am looking for the original round caps for the dashpot. If someone has a set they want to sell, let me know. If not, I can get them from FTFU. (I do have a set of caps with the MG logo, if someone wants to trade)

Bruce Cunha

The steel pins are most likely the lifting pins as used on later carbs like the MGB. Basically the same pin except made of steel. Yo can get the brass pins from the usual suppliers. I had a spare here but I am afraid I just put it in the TD 1250 carbs as one was missing.

L E D LaVerne

Mine were brass.

Since there was a lot of comments about fuel being able to leak past the pin, since it's lower than the overflow, I made new longer ones and added an aluminum extension to the post.
Just raising it above the overflow.

Jim B.

JA Benjamin

I just made up dummies that blocked any chance of a leak. My spare tops have the casting nub but are not drilled> Who uses the ticklers? the only one I use is on my motorbike to flood and start.
Ray TF 2884
Ray Lee

Now I have to go change out my tickler pins. :-)
Christopher Couper

I had not checked the suppliers. Nice to know they have the brass ones. I like the brass.

I did get the carbs installed. That pretty much finishes the mechanical stuff.

Bruce Cunha

Whilst most people call them "overflow pipes", they are really vents to let air in, not fuel out.

Just my opinion of course.

Safety Fast


The tickler pins on my 1954 TF are missing. The holes are there and I poked a toothpick down the hole and it appears to be blocked after a short distance. Were the pins eliminated on later models? I have never had any gas coming out of the holes.
Ron Coates

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