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MG TD TF 1500 - Tool Box Lid Fasteners

It appears the TD tool box lid was attached with 4 small screws. The only ones like it on the TD that I have found.

My TD had machine screws and nuts in the lid, but it appears those were not original.

I am saying they were slotted, but anyone have phillips (Later TD's)
Bruce Cunha

I'd really like to know what the answer is here.

My car has slotted (TD19629) but I think I had to replace mine at one time.

TD11272 looks like it has Phillips heads but the picture is a bit out of focus.
Christopher Couper

Early cars were slotted SMS. The Phillips headís probably came about at the same time the dash board and windscreen to scuttle mount fixings were changed but that is merely a guess on my part
W A Chasser

Not sure if the lid is attached the same as on a TF, but my 55 lid is attached with 4 brass screws, the same ones that were on the car when I bought it. The tool box looked like it had never been touched, they are slotted screws. PJ
Not a great pic, but here's one during restoration.

PJ Jennings

Mine are slotted and if I remember right they had a thread more like a wood thread than metal thread.

I just sent a query to FTFU to see if the ones used for the TA and TC are the same for the TD.

If anyone has theirs out, I would love lentgh and head size.
Bruce Cunha

The original screws used for the TF tool box lid were No.6 x 3/8" self tapping screws. The heads were round and slotted.

I have seen this documented in several different manuscripts.

Of course, this is not proof positive, but it would appear that here is some truth to this. (IMHO)

The only question that remains now is the type of tip used on these screws.
Typically M.G. used to use Type J style self tapping screws (blunt tip) wherever human hands could be affected.
In North America this would translate to the SAE standard Type AB screw tip.

Does this help?

P Pichler

Thanks all. I received the screws from Doug a From the Frame up. Slotted, round head sheet metal screws. It is.
Bruce Cunha

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