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MG TD TF 1500 - Ugly weld

I found this very ugly weld on the frame to master cylinder backing plate. I am assuming this is not something that the factory would have done, but unsure how this would have gotten broken and re-welded.

Bruce Cunha

Any chance your car was ever converted from RHD to LHD or vice versa?
Any marks on the other rail?

M Magilton

I don't see a problem. It looks like all of my welds lol.

Timothy Burchfield

No signs it was converted. Not sure about the welds that hold this bracket on the cross tube. Do those look like factory? If not, it could be they cut the plate off because they could not get the bolts off the master cylinder. I have owned the car since 1973, So for 23 years, I don't have any history.

Matthew. I hear that. If I was stick welding, it would be just as ugly.
Bruce Cunha

None of the welds on these things are particularly pretty.

L E D LaVerne


Not the best picture, it is an enlargement of a bigger area, but I think you can see the welds on this chassis are much better than the weld you are concerned about.

I have been over my chassis very closely and all of the original welds were of a good standard. I did chip off some welding slag after wet media blasting which improved the appearance in some places, but even before this they were even and good.

The photo I have attached is before my most recent chassis clean back to bare metal and repainting. I needed to tidy up a couple of spots where poor repair work was done as I expect you will.

Kind regards,

M R Calvert

Of course if you want welds like this you could buy a Can-Am McLaren.

Photo taken at my local track Baskerville Motor Racing Circuit last September of McLaren M8F.


M R Calvert

Photo of the car attached. Much fun to watch in action.


M R Calvert

This thread was discussed on 20/03/2018

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