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MG TD TF 1500 - Who in OZ is making 5 speeds

I understand someone in OZ is making 5 speed conversions for TDs and TFs using a Toyota transmission, any truth to this? PJ
PJ Jennings

PJ We in New Zealand have converted 18 to date. Not sure about Australia.
I did contact them some time ago but from memory the Toyota box (t2 from a Celica?) Was getting to be as hard to find as the Ford box.

C I Twidle

The Celica box wont fit a TD/TF without cutting the chassis.

We used a Corolla gear box with no chassis mods at all. Just a small tunnel cut out.

These are hard to get now also.

Just out of interest, with the Toyota box and cutting the chassis---is that with the later Celica/Supra style box or the early split case box
William Revit


I only know of a person who tried to fit one and cut the chassis, then decided that was wrong and did not use the bigger box.

Our experience is only with the Corolla gear box that is smaller and is sufficiently strong enough for TD/TF application.


Thanks guys, appreciate the comeback and info. PJ
PJ Jennings

In 2011, I fitted a Toyota Celica 5 speed T50 gearbox into my TD chassis. These gearboxes come as either T2 (20 output splines) or T3 (22 splines). These gearboxes are now rare to find (in Oz) as they have been used in a large number of 5 speed conversions, not just MGs.

Gear ratios are very similar to the TD with the 5th gear as 0.86:1 ratio.

I purchased a bell-housing from Dellow Automotive. This uses the existing TD clutch system, including cross shaft and fork.

The T50 and Dellow bell-housing combination required the rear mount to be 52mm further back and 25mm lower, when using the existing front engine mount. A new tailshaft also is required.

I cut a 300mm section out of the cross-member and had plates welded to cut ends and similar plates on the new mount bracket which is bolted on. The original cross-member bracket can be reinserted if a new owner so wants, as it has similar plates welded on each end.

Since purchasing my YT 4 years ago, as that is my current MG project, not much work has been done on my TD.

I still need to shorten / bend gear lever, as I think when changing gears my hand will hit the facia, as it is further forward that the TD gearlever.


Stuart Duncan

Rod, Stuart
Thanks for the info
I went a bit different and cut the cross pipe out and replaced it with a curved one to fit an MGB box

William Revit

What years of Corolla boxes are best suited? Who makes the bellhousings? PJ
PJ Jennings

The Toyota Corolla gearbox we use is a K70, We use the original MG bell housing and clutch.

We make a rear mount to bolt up to the original TD/F gearbox mounting position on the cross member.

No chassis modifications are needed.

A new drive shaft is required with Toyota end and MG end.

Rod Brayshaw

Ray, just curious what your investment in the project was?
efh Haskell

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