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MG TD TF 1500 - whose TC is this

Does anyone recognize this TC please.

JK Mazgaj

No, but if you didn't take the photo then my first guess would be an Australian car because they're the only ones who seem to like tube shock conversions on TCs.
Steve Simmons

Looks like the TC is sitting in an overseas container ?
W A Chasser

It's a car that has been offered to me online supposedly from Corvallis, Oregon.I'm naturally suspicious.
JK Mazgaj

If my memory is correct, I think that Corvallis is somewhere near where John Quilter is located. (He May be in Eugene, Oregon). Perhaps he’ll weigh in.

Kirk Trigg

Yes, I am in Eugene, about 45 miles south of Corvallis. I am unaware of this car as it may not have been on the road and with any British car club in a considerable period.
John Quilter (TD8986)

Hi John, Tried to locate your email address on members list for Oregon so I could message you. However doesn't appear to be listed.What am I doing wrong
JK Mazgaj

JK Mazgaj, I sent you a direct email
John Quilter (TD8986)

Hi John. Have replied but been notified that your spam protection will have removed unless you add my email to your contacts.Regards Jan
JK Mazgaj

It was mentioned on the TABC website forum that the engine number is XPAG9404. If that is correct then this is an Australian car.
M Magilton

With information and help from guys in the US this certainly seems to be just a scam.
JK Mazgaj

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