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MG TD TF 1500 - Wolesley XPAW Engie Details

I am buying an NOS Wolesley XPAW engine, and am not sure I know the ways it will differ from an XPAG. I assume it is a 1250 round-hole block, with an undrilled dipstick hole. Are there any other differences? It seems to have dished low-compression pistons; were they standard in a Wolesley engine?

Thanks very much.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

Based on this Tom, it shows the bore/stroke and compression the same as the XPAG.
L E D LaVerne

The tappet / side cover is different and includes a flame trap and rotatable vent - this makes for an easy upgrade to the venting system if required. The cooling system cover at the rear of the head is alloy instead of steel and has a take off for a heater, which can be useful.
Dave H
Dave Hill

Thanks for the information. The engine has dished pistons, so I am unclear how the compression ratio can be the same as an XPAG.

It probably isn't NOS then.

Tom Lange
MGT Repair
t lange

I believe that the sump is different on an XPAW and will need to be replaced with an XPAG sump.
L.F. Thorne

The front mounting plate is different but can be cut down to size.
Cylinder head is the same.
Should be flat top pistons same as XPAG.
Dipstick on opposite side so has to plugged and new one drilled.
Otherwise as the others said.
Been running one in the TD for 20 years.
B W Wood

I have an XPAW amongst my TC XPAG blocks and I believe these can be bored out more safely than the XPAG. I have seen that they can go out to 72mm. I'm others will confirm/deny this.
J Walker

The Wolseley 4/44 Cyl. Head is thicker in stock compared to the XPAG TF
at least and therefore has lower compression ? (7.25 ?).

Rob Grantham
Rob Grantham

Here's a photo of the side cover which is ideal for connecting a PCV valve as Dave has mentioned above. This is a great improvement and reduces the oil leak considerably.

Declan Burns

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