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Triumph Spitfire - An Insurance Rant from the UK...

Just as an experiment, I asked my local insurance companies how much insurance for our spitfire 1500 -valued at $2000- would cost. I was shocked by the amounts, such as 6000, that the insurance companies wanted.
I know I am only just 17, but three times the car's value?
A 1.4 Escort -top speed 120+- would cost 5000 to insure, yet it's top speed is 19 mph faster than our spitty.

How much longer will insurance companies get away with this crap!?!?!

OK. Rant over. Thanks for reading.
Jason Elgood

Who did you ask? Join the TSSC and ask Footman James & Co. IF you are a TSSC member, AND will provide a valuation Certificate from the Club (Costs, not a lot) AND will agree to limited mileage (about 3K/yr) AND a reasonable excess (AND you are not already a 'bad risk'), I think your premium will be much less.

4 years ago, I insured my son, first time driver, in a 1500 Spit, for less than 400. Prices have gone up since!

But don't slag off the Insurance industry, at least not too much. After all, to a non-specialist, a 1500 Spitfire looks like an MX5 or worse - they don't want your business as they see it as just too risky.

Local companies, not Classic insurance dudes.

I guess they see the word "cabriolet" on the form and they kinda freak, thinking it's some kind of fast car, but those of us who can't get to the professional classic insurance guys are kinda stuck...
I'm not going to do the limited mileage thing IF dad lets me drive the Spitty...

After all... I'm gonna want to take girls out in it, ain't I?
Jason Elgood

I'm afraid all types of insurance have gone up in the last couple of years, due to an american style claims culture developing in the UK. Even classic insurance through the TSSC is expensive for younger drivers, as companies like Footman James simply don't want them. A further complication is that classic insurance policies don't use no claims bonus. Another strange thing I have noticed when reading Park's classic car valuation books, is that the Spit 1500 has a group 10! rating. This is most likely a hangover from the 70's, but it would be interesting to see whether companies still use this rating. I wouldn't worry Jason you're not alone. I don't know how clubs expect to attract younger enthusiasts if they can't get insured.
Andrew Hayes

>>I don't know how clubs expect to attract younger enthusiasts if they can't get insured.

That's a bloody good point!

Another problem is that classic cars don't seem "cool", but a done up TR7 convertible or TR8 convertible will whip the ass off XR3i s or Fiestas... And there's more room for a sound system in the boot!
Jason Elgood

I'm 21 and just got a policy on a modified spit 1500 for 460 Fully Comp for 6000 miles only car from Sureterm direct. They were by far the cheapest quote beating footman james by 350 and I'm a TSSC member. I've only got 2 years no claims. It pays to shop around and if you say you'll take the policy out then and there they usually give you a discount as well. The cheapest unlimited cover I could get was 404 from churchill but they only insured classics on TPFT

Limeted mileage... I don't want that, as I'll be driving the car to and from work and out with my mates.

I know that'll make it cost more, but as long as I can get a quite below 2000 I'll be able to afford it.
Jason Elgood

2000!!!! J*s*s, Jason, you could buy yourself a banger, run that for a year and keep the precious Spitfire for high and holidays for that money! But it is your money, and your choice.

I don't WANT a banger, man! I want a spitty!

But you say I'm almost Step 6. Guaranteed to get below 2k then? Beut.
Jason Elgood

This thread was discussed between 20/06/2001 and 27/06/2001

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