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Triumph Spitfire - Le Mans 1964

I watched a show on TV last night about Spitfires racing in the 1964 Le mans 24 Hr. While I do recall a fast-back hard top being available for Spitfires (not sure what year models), the Spits they showed racing looked very much like GT6 bodies (not a fitted hard top).

Since the GT6 did not become available until 1966, I was wondering if the body style used in the Le Mans was the fore-runner to the GT6???

BTW: I believe David Hobbs was one of the drivers. I think 2 cars were entered that year and 4 cars the following year.

INDEED the Le Mans Spitfires were part of the GT6 styling. "Born in Le Mans" was the sales slogan used to introduce the GT6 Mk1 at the 1966 London Motor Show.

BUT, Michelotti had been asked to design a 'fast-back' Spitfire back in 1963 - the whole story is in John Thomason's "Triumph Spitfire & GT6. A guide to originality" (Pub.Crowood) which I can recommend, for the history as well as the 'originality'.

You're right about the entrants:

1964 ADU1B Rothschild & Tullius
ADU2B Hobbs & Slotemaker

1965 ADU1B Hobbs & Slotemaker
ADU2B Bradley & Bolton
ADU3B Dubois & Piot
ADU4B Thuner & Lampinen
(from Graham Robson, then competition manager)

Several after market suppliers provided bolt on lookalikes for Spitfires - Ashley, Lenham, SAH and Sebring. Although some of the molds may still be in existence, none are available for sale today.
I can send you pics of period ads for these 'fastbacks' if you are interested, but no, I don't have one, or know of any for sale!


Thanks for the comprehensive explanation.....I recall a statement in the show (which Hobbs hosted) saying the 30 minute original show piece was used as a promo for the Spitfire.

BYW: I think one Spit finished in 64 and 2 of the 4 in 65 (?).

Interesting show!

I always liked the Spit; however, I'm now an MG man (1973 1275 Midget).

Sounds like a good film. What was the title, so that I can look out for it on this side of the Pond?


The actual channel on cable TV here is 'SpeedVision'. Though I don't recall the actuall title of the Spitfire show, the name of the programme is 'Legends of Motorsport'.

Graham ,

look at
for some pics. I believe jigsaw racing in ?northants, UK? were doing some replica parts in aluminium a couple of years back.

k adams

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