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Triumph Spitfire - Seats and bumpers

Hello all. I am the proud new owner of a 79, 1500.
I love the car.....I'm so jazzed I cant believe it.
A couple things though. Whats involved in replacing those rubber monstrosities bolted to the front and back of the car with chrome ones?
The seats are really a cheesy houndstooth sort of deal, if I were in a junk yard, what cars seats would I be looking for for an easy replacement? I saw a pic of a spit with Miata seats, which didnt really look right. Any past experience or advice from you good people would be appreciated.

Chuck Crawford

miata seats are quite a good fit into a spitty as they are narrow enough to drop straight in. also a lot of miata seats have speakers in the headrests this saves cutting holes in the rear pannel & trashing the speakers when the usual junk is put in the back.

Does anyone know if the GT6 seats can be modified to fit a 77' Spitfire 1500? Is the Miata seat the only practical solution?
Kevin SIms

Kevin, GT6 seats will bolt right in, no problems.

Nice idea wrt Mazda seats. But I'll think I'll be keeping my original ones!
Rob Bell

Thanks for the advice everyone. This Spit is a 79, but the seats are from a 62 I am told.
The PO didnt like the cheesy houndstooth stuff......cant blame him. Maybe I'll just get the re done.

What about retrofitting the bumpers? Any ideas?

Thanks. Chuck
Chuck Crawford

OK I see the seat ?? answered but what about those rubber monstrosities? I have a 79 spit as well. Also has anyone come up with a better looking taillight system, the back end would look much nicer with 3 round lights or 2 round and something for the reverse. thanx

Ex- USA cars re-imported to the UK usually seem to keep there original 'Federal' bumpers- whether this is through choice or necessity I am not sure- but it is possible that the mounting blocks on the chassis outriggers may be different.

I doubt that this is an insoluble problem- it may just mean cutting off the old mounts and welding on new ones suitable for the slimmer chrome bumpers Chuck.

Tom, I can't suggest a local solution- I guess it is a case of looking around and seeing what is available. Circular rear lamps are found on a number of european cars- the ones I most like are the ones found on the Fiat Coupe. Not much help to you I know- but they are pretty smart.

Rob Bell

Why did the American government make manufacturers put those godawfull looking rubber -What can I call them? Crash barriers? Airbags? whatever- on cars? They look stupid and are totally useless at speeds of over 6 mph. What's the point?
Jason Elgood

This thread was discussed between 25/04/2001 and 18/05/2001

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