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Triumph TR6 - 71 TR-6 FOR SALE

For anyone interested, the local paper had an ad yesterday...Great Restoration Project. 71 TR-6, 66% restored...$2500.

Now who would measure...66%...?? Except Steve or Richard Crawford??:)
Doug Baker

It may look like a hard number, but it's really a relative term. Off hand my first question would be 66% of what and how did you arrive at that number?

I would guesstimate that I'm 70% of half way :-)
Joe S.

Maybe he started the ad on 6/6 2006.
HP Henry Patterson

Gees Doug, maybe you should consider purchasing. With your 20% completed plus his 66% you would be 91% complete. That is the way it works...right?

Does not sound like a bad price.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

My "left over parts" bin is overflowing now!@ What would I do with all the excess??

Just thought that someone might be interested. Does sound like a good price, but as Steve pointed out, it's what in the denominator that's telling in calculating a %
Doug Baker

Hey Rick, even in Puerto Rico, when we add 66 and 20, it adds to should calibrate you calculator by 5%...Love this forum....!!!
Angel L. Traverso


Glad to hear from you and see you still visit this site.
About 3 weeks ago (plus or minus one week) a chap down in Puerto Rico was looking for help on his new (to him) TR6. Did he get in-touch with you?
Rick C

PS calculator was my Brain. I guess it has lost about 5% efficiency over last 55 years.
Rick Crawford

Rick- I have been in e-mail touch with him,he is installing Dan's wiring kit. Angel if I give you his info will you give him a shout it sounds like he could use the company? Here is some info on him.
Dale Todd
Bayamon, Puerto Rico


Rick and Don,
I have been watching you guys...Don I need more info on Dale Todd, like his "email" or phone number, maybe we could get together. Looks like he is a "gringo" or maybe a "canuck"....who knows...we are about 80 miles apart...1.5 hours drive.Give him my "email"
Angel L. Traverso

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