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Triumph TR6 - 74 Tr6 Sticker Price

Hi I have a 74 later model TR6 I have been taking it to local shows which are mostly american cars, so as you know you are treated like you have something they can catch.
However I do seem to get a lot of interest from the people that go to the show.

I have done a lot of reaserch and have a big range of priceing. Does anybody have a window sticker ?

I need to know what the sticker price was for a 1974?

How much did they charge for Overdrive ?

All I can find is the following:

The covers were all were no charge. Dealer prep was around $200, undercoating was $50, am/fm and cassett was about $100 to $200

Thank so much you guys seem to know more than the entire net.

You will have to go to all British car shows to get any respect whatsoever. Heaven forbid the muscle car guys catch on and drive our cars into the upperstatosphere price range of American muscle cars.
Gene Holtzclaw

John-The "Triumph TR5/250 and TR6 Companion" by Rossi&Clarke shows a factory window sticker for a 1974 on page 61. The sticker is almost illegible, but the base price is $4375 and the delivered price looks like $4765, which included a radio for $150 and $40 for a tonneau cover. The good old days?
Berry Price
BTP Price

I don't have any info on what our cars went for new
but I saw that yours is a late model 74 just like mine.
My commision number is CF28480 U built Oct./74
Just wondering what your number is? I'm always looking for a "brother or sister" for my TR.
Christopher Trace

I have a 74 with overdrive. The original invoice for the car purchased in Wichita, KS shows base price of $5115. Overdrive adds $197 and floor mats $12.95 for a total price of $5484.69 with tax
John Korsak
John Korsak


I have the original bill of sale for my 1969 TR6 with overdrive and radio.

$2707 base includes tonneau cover, $75 for the radio, $160 for the overdrive for a total of $2942 Canadian. This does not include freight, duties and taxes from England since the owner bought it and arranged transport himself. The US and Canadian dollar were about the same value in those days.

So you will only have to adjust for the change in years from 69 to 74.

Hope this is of help and interest.

Mike Petryschuk
Michael S. Petryschuk

My '72 TR6, purchased brand new in Oct.'72 was as I recall, approx.$4300.00 CDN, "on the road".
Since it was fall time the cars were on a "buy off the lot" promotion for $3675.00, no overdrive, no radio, no wheel trim rings, no tonneau cover and with Goodyear radial tires (Michelin redlines were extra cost of course).
I passed on the O/D(shouldn't have), but ordered the other items and along with freight, dealer prep.(a joke),license and provincial sales tax brought it to the final $4,300.00

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