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Triumph TR6 - A new stupid booboo!

While my car is waiting on its engine to come home, I decided to take the tires off, rotate them and put a little grease in the appropriate places.

My front wheel nuts were so tight I couldn't budge them. Probably they were put on with an air wrench. I ended up having to put my 200 pounds on them to loosen them up and 2 of them sheared. I can figure out how to get the bolts out--they just tapped out, but I can't figure out how to get the broken off part out of my wheel nuts.

Any ideas?

Thanks, John.
JL Bryan

Sounds like you need a drill press and a hardened bit...or new wheel nuts!@!!
Doug Baker

Get a set of new nuts (the wheel type).... and NO comments from the gallery I know where your minds go to..........
Jeremiah Randolph

yep, I'd say you've busted a nut (or two...)
c.a.e. emenhiser

Possibly use a Dremel and cutoff wheel to make as deep a slot for a screwdriver as you can. An impact driver might break it loose if they're tight. I wouldn't think there'd be much resistance..are the nuts the acorn type (closed on one end)? If so, the stud may be bottomed out, or some corrosion. I'd put the nut in a vise, cut a slot in the stud, use an impact driver (also used to mess up slots on brake drum screws, hehe). New nuts are probably cheaper than taking the old ones to the blacksmith, but would be a good excuse to the wife for buying a mig welder. "I need it to fix the wheels, honey."


I sounds like someone put locktite on your nuts. In any event, I wouldn't trust 'em. I'd look into a new pair of nuts.

Don from Jersey
Don from Jersey

I had the same experience of busting TWO studs on my '73 with steel wheels during the winter of 1974-1975 while trying to put new front brake pads in. Since, at the time, the car was less than two years old and still in production, I thought a simple trip to the import auto parts place would get me some new studs and nuts - BUT NO!!! - they had to be ordered (Minimum Quantity of 4) and took over two weeks to be delivered.

In the meantime, I still had to go to work - and it was mid-January - so I rode my "other" Triumph - a 1974 Trident (motorcycle). Nothing like a 45 mile ride in the very early morning in temps as low as 19 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Anyway, I'd strongly recommend getting new nuts - I will look in my garage to see if I still have the other two studs and nuts (I never throw anything away) - If I do find them, I'll contact you (I can't use the studs as I have wire wheels on the current '73)

Bob Blair

John -

Sorry, but it looks like I spoke too quickly - I was not able to find the 2 studs and nuts for steel wheels. Can't believe that after only 30 years, I have no idea where they went to!

Bob Blair

THanks, anyway, Bob. They are pretty cheap. Clive says he may have some, but if he doesn't, I'll just order some new ones.

JL Bryan

John, I'd be curious enough about loctite on the threads to still try to get the old stud out of the nut. Why would anyone put loctite on the threads of wheel studs? Did the old stud tap out of the hole real easy? Why did they break? I won't laugh if you say you were turning them the wrong way (see below). I suppose it was just an overly enthusiastic wheel man. Air guns are fun. And the boss has insurance.

Just to continue the "stupid boo boo" idea: I actually installed a brake pad backwards. Made a hell of a scraping noise. My excuse? Well, it was dark out. And I'm intellectually challenged (dumb) I guess.

Threw a belt on the TR4 this evening, see TR4 threads. Earlier in the day, I was watching the generator turn, and no wierd noises. The belt may have been a little loose, but no squealing. 2 year old belt from TRF.

No, Tom, I was going in the correct direction--I had to put my weight on all 8 of the front ones to get the nuts loose, and only 2 sheared.

I think it was just the air gun, not locktite. Nobody would be that dumb.

JL Bryan

While overzealous use of an impact wrench could be a factor, how long do you suppose it has been since those wheels had been off? I think all that Florida heat, humidity and depending on where you are, salt fog could be playing a role.

I can see you going to the local store and getting some anti-seize.
If they where that tight, I would say stress has been applied to both mating threads. Replace them.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I see they are now transplanting faces, so nuts shouldn't be a problem.
Doug Campbell

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