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Triumph TR6 - A New TR6

Here is a link to an ebay auction with a NEW TR6... very nice especially with the OD...terrific color and year eh, Bob E.?!

I wonder how many of these cars with under 1000 miles exist out there? At $25000 it would be a deal...wonder what the reserve is?

Rob Gibbs

It would be interesting to see this car up close to get an appreciation for what they look like "straight from the factory".

This one doesn't look like its had to survive a "ham fisted DPO" ... that in itself is probably worth $5000 !!

Sid Turner

Did you notice that it was stored in a church? What kind of church was that? The church of the TR? I'd joint that.
I thought the engine bay would look a little more pristine than that.

Interestingly, the Bank of Canada inflation calculator shows that $7076.12 in 1976 dollars (I think the US and Canuck buck were pretty close back then)would be $25,202.62 today. These were pricey cars for their day.

This means that it is just holding its own in terms of value. I read this morning that $1000 invested with Berkshire Hathaway in the early '70's would be worth $6,000,000 today.

I bought my '69 TR used in 1977. Price: $250. Price in today's dollars: $826. 29 years of vrooom? Priceless.

Tony K

After 30 years, wouldn't every single seal have to be replaced? And what kind of condition would the motor be in after sitting for 30 years?

It seems odd to me that someone would buy a kind of basic entry level sports car and park it inside for 30 years.

JL Bryan

I was very surprised to see that '76 was listed at over $7,000 US, which I agree looks pretty pricey.
As a comparison, my TR6, brand new in '72 was about $4300 CDN,(Goodyears,trim rings,tonneau,no radio, shipping, prep.,provincial sales tax@7%,license and and gas).
What could account for the dramatic increase in price in only 4 years?, emission controls and more warning lights and buzzers?
Also, I'd really want to have a good, close-up look at this '76 and of course, go for a long ride.

Hello All,

I noiced that the car has no radio or speakers although there are provisions ( holes) for both... no blanking plate for the radio. I also think that the gas cap is 180 degrees off and the front marker lights are each mounted to the wrong side of the car. Can some one correct me if I am wrong on this? How do these parts end up on the wrong side of the car etc. when the car only has 236 miles on the clock? Regardless, I hope that mine looks that good when I complete it.

Rob Gibbs

Rob, you're right !. The front marker lights are mounted wrong and my gas cap is also mounted 180 degrees the other way. Also the TR6 flag on the right back fender is placed in line with the lower "car line" instead of the uppper line.

It looks good but I don't think the TR6' history is correct.

Eric de Lange

Is the big belt driven thing next to the alternator a smog pump? At first I thought it was an A/C compressor (like on my '73) but I don't see other required A/C components. The MSRP of $7076 seems high as others have noted. Runaway inflation didn't kick in till Carter did his magic.
c.a.e. emenhiser

I think the car is beautiful. I checked out the front marker lights compared to the those on another low mileage TR on ebay. What is wrong about the ones on this car? Just curious.
David B


The front marker lenses are mounted the wrong way. (left =right and right = left) The bulky/thick side of the front marker lens is supposed to be at the front side of the car.
Why would someone switch them ?

Eric de Lange

Well there may indeed be something sinister with respect to the actual history of the car.

But then again for anyone old enouh to remember (and enough working gray cells to do so), BMC / BL cars of that era were not known for their build quality. Getting the lenses on the wrong side or filler cap backwards would be he least of the problems.

Nor would I expect anyone of us investing the amount of time and money to restore these cars to actually build / assemble them to the same poor standards they were originally built to.

My 2 cents (Canadian), for whatever that is worth.

Len Middleton

Hi Rob & othet TR6 Afficionados:

Yes, it is a pretty car but I believe I would still keep mine. Stored for 30 years, huh? Not my idea of ideal. It sure looks good but mine was run in a dry climate for 120,000 miles. She is tired but everything spins as it should and there are no rotted hoses or corroded lines and no rust. Beware the "barn deals"!

1976 - TR6

P.S. Just got back for a 3-week boat delivery from the States but noticed not much action on the site. Is everybody out tinkering in the garage?
Bob Evans

shouldn't it have Leyland badges on the front guards as well....kgf
KG Farley

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