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Triumph TR6 - Adding pictures

Hello everyone,
Some of you asked how to add pictures to your posts. After reading the help section on this site I realized that you can't physically put pictures into your thread, nor can you make your text a different color or add any of those other goofy animations. Here is a way around it though.

First - you need a place on the web to upload your digital photos. I use a site called . It is free and very easy to use.

Second - after you have read the directions, uploaded your photos and saved them, you can go back and click on an individual picture. There are tools to resize it,etc.

Third -Once you have the picture the way you want it, put your mouse over the photo and right click on it.
A box called properties will appear.
One of the lines says "address (URL)". put your mouse over the part that starts with "http...." and with your left mouse button click and drag over the address.
Make sure the entire address is highlighted.

Fourth-Now this may be tricky for those who have a coordination issue, hold down the "Ctrl" button on the keyboard and the "c" button at the same time. This will copy the address into your computer's memory.

Fifth - open up the BBS and post or reply to something. When you want to add your picture hold down the "Ctrl" and the "v" button on your keyboard at the same time. This will paste the address in your text.

make sure you leave spaces around your address so it won't confuse your computer.
Tom C

Thanks lad. I managed to figure it out. As you say a little long winded though.
Does the CTRL/C and CTRL/V eliminate the need for "<img src=...url...>"?
I think YAHOO is going to have a bunch of guys joining soon:)
PS I tried to do a flickr from my MSN messenger account and Bill Gates said " no you can not do that". I suppose Bill does not like YAHOO.
Rick C

Oh Ya since we are dealing in LINKS these days here is flickr

Rick Crawford

Hi Rick,
No, the <img scr"..> is used on those sites that support HTML. If this site allowed HTML then all the <img> does is tell the site to place the picture right in the body with the text. Then there's no need to be directed outside the BBS site to view the photo.
When you create a web page, there are all these little commands you use to make words bold, position text, use color, etc. If you go to a website that has alot of things going on you can see some of these commands by clicking on the "view" on the upper tool bar and then "source".
Ctrl c and Ctrl v are just shortcuts to cut and paste. Those commands can be used anywhere, MS Work, Excel - even in this text.
Yahoo and Flickr are in bed together - they have no room for Mr Gates.

BTW, I am not a computer expert so I am sure there are members who are more versed than I am in this. If only it was as easy to cut and paste metal to the TR...
Tom C

Hey Tom,

That picture reminds me of when I peeled my rockers off for replacement. That's all I had to do, luckily. It was still a big job though.

Did you see that link to that company that makes frames for the TR's. They look nice. could be a bit pricey though.

We need more pic's of your progress. Can we get at all the pic's you have?

HP Henry Patterson

Here's another to get to what Tom has explained ..from the Flickr photo page after you have uploaded one or more photos and created your "set" etc scroll down and on the right side under Additional Information
click on "different sizes" then below your photo the #1 gives you the photos' URL link which you can just
copy and paste into your BBS message..

This should make some things easier to explain with a photo !!

Charlie B.

Guys, there is no such thing as a free lunch.
I just realized that the "free" flickr only allows you to store 200 images unless you purchase the upgrade for $25.00. My kids uploaded a bunch of photos now some of the TR photos are missing but luckily they are still on my hard drive. Where are the priorities? A Triumph restoration or a school play?
This may not be an issue for some of you but I intend to take alot of photos so I will keep my eyes open for a better location to post pix.
Tom C

I do not know if the "limit" is a big deal. My purpose here is not to share my photos to the world but to do this "help with as picture thing" here on the BBS. Yes some will drop a picture they want to just finishing the restoration:) GOOGLE does the same thing Tom as well as MSN Messenger. I am sure there are a dozen more out there. My Cannon camera came with a WEB site to "share" pictures with.

It should be noted that flickr is a TOTALLY PUBLIC place and any picture posted there is available for the world to see and download. Pictures can be deleted. You might want to set your pictures as "private".

This will be helpful down the road. It goes with " a picture is worth a thousand words".
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Thought I would try this out as a test

Bob Craske

Cool. Like I have said to you, we need to get our cars together for a pic.
Any chance of a bigger pic for us visually impared older folk.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Beautiful car Bob, I am finally welding patch pannels today. ;-(
To get a bigger picture, click on your photo in Flickr. When the picture comes up, you will see a tool bar across the top. Click on the magnifying glass that says "all sizes". It should default to the large size. Scroll down below the picture and it will automatically give you the URL that you can highlight and cut and paste onto this board. Give it a try, I want to count the spokes on those wheels!
tom c

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