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Triumph TR6 - Almost free harness

I will try to adjust my carbs to get the RPM's down tomorrow...but in the mean time I just received a new seat belt from Retrofit. The previous owner had installed a four point racing harness on the roll bar...which meant it took five minutes to buckle in. I just wanted a three point retractable belt. If anyone wants a racing harness...almost new (6 months old at most) I will give it to them for free if they pay shipping. Probably $10 at most. If not...I will put it on E-bay or Craigslist and ask $20. I am just starting to build up too large a pile of spare parts which I know I will never use, but someone else could.
RF Ickrath

Ick, did you go to VTR?

Nope...had considered it but when you get gout in your ankle or makes it impossible to drive! I get it rarely...must have been the DiGiornos pizza and the bottle of cab that I had with it!
RF Ickrath

Well that's your mistake.
Cab with pizza...
Everyone knows a really good Chianti is preferred

I only have chianti with fava beans, especially when I am having an old friend over for dinner.
RF Ickrath

I must have it wrong....its like that "Franks" hot sauce.....I have Cab Sav with everything...Les
lw gilholme

Actually a Sangiovese is the only way to fly.

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