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Triumph TR6 - alternator conversion (again)

I'm looking at doing the Bosch (Ford Fiesta) alternator conversion to my '70 TR6 and was wondering about two things:

1. Any need to change the voltage regulator?

2. Any mods necessary for the mounting bracket?


So, how are things in beautiful Denton? Way many more years ago than I care to think about at times, a friend's older brother went to NTSU and played with the 1 o'clock lab band. I noticed that when they changed the name of the school they did not change the call letters of the radio station, odds are the FCC would get upset about that....

On the alternator, if I am remembering correctly,only the 1969 TR6 used an external voltage regulator. All others used an internal regulator as does the Bosch unit.


Chris- It's tough to find a Fiesta alt. with a pulley. I had posted an online link for info for the wholesaler. It is a direct bolt on and hook up. Google the procedure and you'll find plenty of info.

Thanks, gents. I'm off to my favorite junk yard to try and find a pulley.

Steve, Denton ...beautiful...come on, now. Flat, dank, brown, treeless -- now that describes her. Beautiful, definitely not.

Maybe so, but I've had a good time just about everytime I went to Denton over a multi-decade span. Once as Rally master of the Red River Triumph Club's Polar Bear rally, we had the teams go into the library over at TWU (one of wifey's degrees is from TWU). They had to answer questions about the mixer and sauce pan on display along with other some of the other tie breaker items to be found inside. It was the mixer that helped spawn MTV.

I love that "Pioneer Woman" statue on the TWU campus. Cast Iron skillet in one hand, shot gun in the other, a woman with two deadly weapons, no where but Texas.


Go to After many attempts of finding one w/pulley and no prevail, someone here on this forum told me about this company. They build a high quality product and may be the only company to supply the pulley.

W Macleod

Thanks for all the info. I called pprok and found a supplier near me.

After I install it, will I notice a big difference in terms of amps? While driving home tonight I had the headlights, the heater, and the wipers all on. The wipers moved very, very slowly until I was up at about 3000 rpm. Will the new alternator help with this?
C S Norcross

That depends on what you are running now.


It's the original alternator...I think.

C S Norcross

I started to put the Bosch alternator on my '70 TR6 today and quickly realized that it wasn't just plug and play. Thus, I want to check out my connections:

Brown/white wire: Large spade on Bosch unit
Black wire: remove since it is an external ground wire

Brown/yellow wire that loops around in the harness: remove

Brown/yellow wire: small spade on Bosch unit

Brown wire: isolate and do not use

Interesting note, the wiring diagram shows the last wire (brown wire) to be brown and red; however, it is definitely brown.

Hopefully Rod will pipe in on this. He's the last one to do the Bosch that I know.

Mine just plugged in! Took me less than a half hour to remove the old Lucas and install the Bosch. No loose wires, just plugged in. May not be the same Bosch unit?
Be happy to send pix of where the wires go...if that would help?

Rod Nichols


Please send me a couple of pics.


About time Rod. You fall asleep at the wheel,or is business that good at the dealership?

Heres another approach

given how hard it is to locate a Bosch type alternator with fan and pulley, i looked into taking the original Lucas and bumping it up..

for about 75 cdn, there is a small british electrical shop in Toronto that can rewind your alternator to the desired amperage...and there are no worries re fit, wiring harnesses , looks etc

if you want more information, e mail me

happy holidays to all
Bob Craske

If it can be done up here in Canada it surely can be done south of us.
Same back to you Bob.
Rick Crawford

Rick- It will never be done in the states. You know we are a throw away society. Fix it, no way . Besides we might have to train someone.

I've explored the possibility of having the amperage of my Lucas unit increased. The two places that I took it to both said that it couldn't (or at least they couldn't) do it.

That would have been the better route, though, as it keeps everything original.

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