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Triumph TR6 - alternator problem

I am having a problem with my alternator. I have replaced the alternator 3 times. Twice with rebuilts and once with one from AutoZone. All three time they work fine for about an hour or so. I can't remember the voltage output but I think it was around 13-13.5. Then the warning light comes on and the voltage drops to around 11-11.5. I have since rebuild the wiring harness thinking there must be a short somewhere. Does anyone have any ideas? Could it be the voltage stabilizer does behind the dash?

OH NO another Rick!

I would not think the VS is the problem as it only has one purpose and that is to stabilize input voltage going to the gas and temp gauges.
What alternators are you putting back in each time? There was a wiring change to alternator connection. Also what year is your TR?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

It sounds like an auto electrical specialist should be hired before you burn up another alternator (or 3).

Hi Rick-
My TR is a 1974 1/2. The two rebuilts were from the Roadster factory. The one from AutoZone was a Delco per the Dan Masters upgrade. However the plot has now thickened. I just put in a new Delco alternater and it seems to be working fine. The only difference is that because the car sat for several years some of the lightis are not working i.e. dash lights, turn signal & brake lights. Do you think there could be some sort of short there? I'm almost afraid to fix them.
Thanks for your response
Another Rick

Another Rick:)
So it sounds like wired correctly. The important statement you give is "...because the car sat for several years some of the lights are not working...." Yup, sounds like you have been trying to charge to ground. In order to have joy with your TR it will be necessary to get rid of your grounding problems. Simply you need to check all wiring and clean things up. "I'm almost afraid to fix them." Rick, you have no must fix them. Have you popped any fuses lately?
Here is a link to Dan Masters wiring schematics.
I just tried the link and I must have a problem with my browser.
You need to clean every contact bulb holder spade connection bullet connection.Not exactly an easy job but if you want to get rig of your gremlins then.....
Good luck
Rick C

Rick Crawford

Thanks Rick. I started to think it was something like that.
Another Rick

Did your ignition warning light activate while you have been experiencing problems with your altinator? Mine has been staying on even with the car key in the off position or removed. British mechanic says this is alerting me theat there is a problem with the alternator...any input is welcome...Shawn

No, my light did not stay on. My alternator was bad. I have just replaced it and it is working fine. I thinks my problem was a bad connection/ground somewhere. I'm still not sure where. I have gone through about half of the connections and cleaned them. I'll do the rest of the car this weekend. It sounds to me like you have a short somewhere and probably a bad alternator. You might want to start a new link and ask for help. I also asked for help and he was very helpfull. Good luck.

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