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Triumph TR6 - aluminum valve cover baffle

Hi guys,

I have a question that I hope someone has an answer to. My '70 has an external rocker oil feed line and an aluminum valve cover. The breather hose from the carbs are connected to the nipple on the side of the cover. There is a round sort of chamber inline in the hose to the carbs. Is there an easy way to baffle the nipple so that the oil from the rockers isn't getting sucked into the engine.

I've seen the kit that has a tank and fittings to drain the oil back to the pan, a little to involved. Hoping for a simpler solution.

RJ Jio

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Rick Crawford

Hey Rick, I tried to do a search but did'nt find these. Thanks
RJ Jio

Rick's links are hot from where I sit. Did not need to copy into the address bar. Have you tried clicking right on them when your cursor becomes the hand symbol? They take you right to two topical threads. Nicely done Rick.

K. T. Shaddock

To search the archives you must be logged in as a member. I'm too slack to log in as a member most of the time so gave the links a try and they are hot even when not signed in.

These are the only two threads that I can recall in the last several years that discussed adding a baffle. In addition to having to modify mine as described in one of those threads, a baffle has also been added. I used very thin annealed 5052 aluminum sheet and bucked in some solid aluminum rivets to hold it in place. The baffle was first bonded in place with some high temp epoxy. Holes were drilled and the rivets installed with a film of uncured high temp epoxy to provide sealing around the rivet. It works for my application as I needed minimum size and firm attachement due to some engine mods, not much extra room in that area on mine. The threads Rick references give direction on some quick and easy ones that will work for most people.

Other options include running the vent hose to a small reservoir and letting it catch oil that you dump back into the engine manually or parting with the requisite brass and splurging in Richard Good's oil separator kit that provides venting and oil return.


You chaps are ofcource correct. As you do a copy/paste thing it does not get "linked" right away and does not show underlined. I thought it would need to be copied to the address bar until I came back to this thread. Agreed Steve. These are the only 2 I recall also. The aluminium I used was a piece I got at the hardware is/was used in attaching rain gutters to a home.
Thanks Ken.
Rick Crawford

RJ - I now DO have a picture or two - will send if you want. The baffle is now epoxied to the VC, but the pin remains for back-up. The key is to have 3X-4X more open area on the edges than the breather pipe to minimize entrainment. The baffle is hardly bigger than a paper match cover.

Reading the old post brought back memories - the original separator used was a minced garlic jar from a "cost cutter" store. The first few times it got poured back into the engine I could have sworn it was an Italian car.
Brent B

Hi Brent,
Yes I'd like to see some pics of your baffle, what type of epoxy did you use. I have some J-B weld laying around.
RJ Jio

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