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Triumph TR6 - Any 6 owners that have 8s too

I can't get a response from the 8 guys. Can any of you dual owners help me with an 8 problem? Specifically about the 4 bbl. conversion with the Edelbrock manifold

Mike Munson


Was just thinking about calling you the other day, but the day got away from me (that's been happening a bunch lately). There were several TR8s in the hands of Red River Triumph Club members and I know that a couple of them had the Edelbrock/4 bbl conversion. Give me a call and I'll put you on to a couple of contacts that might be able to help.



Hi Mike'

Know nothing of TR8. But do have a bit of experience with Edelbrock setup due to Hotrods. Running 2 at present. Whats your problem.

B Brayford

I am trying to find the correct thermostat housing. It has the radiator hose outlet that is almost horizontal and a 3/4 heater hose outlet on the bottom. Thanks

Mike Munson

Have you have you tried posting on the TR Register's TR7/8 forum?
P Cobbold

Hi Mike

I gather the Edelbrock manifold will not allow using your original? What is the difference? I don't know that engine. If you have time I really would like to know. Have you tried Edelbrocks tech line they are not very vocal but if you give them a very specific question they will give you a short terse answer. Edelbrock have never been good at the small bits.

Without knowing the above I would suggest.

I assume its the rover engine old 60s buick update. Most parts stores have a catalogue of thermo. housings with specs not in computer. You might have to take your measurements and a coffee and do it the hard way. For mid 60s stuff find a small parts place around for a long time the guy who had all the parts in his head before computers. The part is not likely in the computer at the superstore and the kid doesn't get paid to go out of his way.

Good luck
B Brayford

The Edelbrock has a bypass hole under the t-stat. It uses an original buick cover that nobody can find even in books. I did find one to fit but the radiator hose outlet points in the wrong direction. One for a small block ford is almost right but it is for a larger t-stat. Edelbrock has yet to get back to me. I wouldn't even think of going to one of those Stupidstores.... oops I mean superstores! I am just going to put in a freeze plug and use the stock cover.

Thanks, Guys I knew the 6 people would come through, if you look at the 8 thread you will see how many responses I got.

Mike Munson

Mike - You might want to try England. Check with Jon Wolfe who races and knows all about TR8's. Tell him I told you to get in touch.

His web-site is:-

He was one of the Brits who brought over 8 Triumphs to the All Triumph Races for 4 days of racing at Mid-Ohio in June. Next year they are planning to come to Mosport in Ontario.

Jon also wrote the book on Racing your Spitfire.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A
Some of us TR3A owners also help when we can.
Don Elliott

This thread was discussed between 12/10/2002 and 17/10/2002

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