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Triumph TR6 - Are there any TR6's in the UK??!

Having a look through here, I notice that all the people so far are in Canada, USA or Australia!

It's great that the cars are popular there, but I was surprised to not see any British owners posting.

Was the TR6 sold in larger numbers outside the UK?

On my last visit to Blighty (Great Britain) I did see a TR6 on the M25 motorway. You see the odd one if you keep your eyes peeled.

I have a low miles TR7 and a 2001 MGF, but I won't rule out owning a TR6 one day!
Chris Heinrich Perkins

You are correct, the bulk of the TR6s built went to NA and we can thank our friends in California for driving the nails into the coffin.
Simply, yes there are 6s in the UK, just not as many and we do have a few Brit posters here.
Rick C Canader EH.
Rick Crawford

There are a lot of UK participants in another TR6 board. They spend a lot of electrons on the subject of something called petrol injection, while we tend to have a greater interest in carb counting. There is also, of course, the language barrier.

Tony (trying to stay warm)
'69 TR6
Tony Koschinsky

From 1969 to 1976 there were a total of 91,850 TR-6 manufactured. Of those 13,703 were PI and of those, 8,370 were marketed in UK with the other 5,333 exported. The remaining 78,147 were carburettor units and principally directly to the North American market, although they were distributed world wide.

Today the TR Register, which admittedly does not have data on EVERY remaining TR-6 reflects the following registrations:
USA 389
Canada 80
UK 41
The Netherlands 36
FRG 27 and
Australia 6

There are other 1 & 2's about from New Zealand to Turkey, but definitely there are TR-6's in the UK and if you observe closely, you may catch a wee glimpse of one passing you by:)
Doug Baker

DB ,
You have me totally confused with your figures , the Tr Register has loads more than 41 6's in the UK . there are well into 3 figures make the trip to Malvern every year . I can think of 7 off hand within 20 miles of me ! Please tell me it was a typo .
I have sent you a mail re the seats , give it a minute , its a big file .
I have loads more info on stuff , especially the PI system which I can now fiddle with quite successfully.

s marshall

The UK may not have the most TR6s but it got the best ones!!

R. Algie

Scotty, my computer is sometimes slow, but the data came from the TR Register website TODAY (7 Oct 05). I'll send you the URL on Monday and you can check it out. I don't doubt that there are hundreds of TR-6's in the UK, but they are not reflected on the registration list I reviewed.
Doug Baker

In the Sept 2005 issue of the TR Register magazine [TRaction] the TR6 register claims there are circa 12400 different sixes on his database, although I would think a good percentage of these will be in continental Europe. From memory [not good] the figure of circa 3500 for the UK comes to mind, although I would doubt if these are all 'on the road'.
R. Algie


Your computer must be playing tricks on you. I have to agree with Scotty, there is something wrong with the numbers.

If there were only 389 TR6's in the US, I do not believe that TRF, Moss and VB could stay in business. 400 cars would not even support 1 decent parts store let alone justify the tens of thousands that that outfits like BMH and TRF have spent in retooling and having new parts manufactured to replace those that are no longer available.

Heck, your total is less than 600 units. I have three in my garage, they must be worth a fortune. I kind of recall something that Chas. Runyan put out once about there being around 20k in the US alone and that was 15 years ago????

Now, if you were talking about only the PI models it might be a bit more realistic.


OK Guys,
This time I am going to side with my buddy Doug. He is absolutely correct.
As we all know, the majority of us on this BBS are OFs and it could be said that we have CRS....can not remember if I have this or not? Some here, even like to play with BAHs. But for sure there are no DPOs on this site.
Mr. Baker has only one fault that I can see. He miss typed 2 letters on his site he points out.
The site is accually the TR6 RegistRY.

Now that Doug has been so kind to us to show you chaps a place where you can go and post a pic of your 6 for the whole world to see, go and post your pic.
I am there ....I think:)
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Mr Baker was correct, it's the TR Register your looking for not the TR Registry.
R. Algie

I guess where I was going here is that the list itself must be far fom complete. . . . . I certainly do not disagree with what is published, just that it is not complete.

There have got to be more than 389 in the US alone, (392 now as I just added our 3 to the mix) with their whereabouts known. I will again state that there is no way that TRF could stay in business with only 400 vehilces to service.


Here in Melbourne we about 80 TR6s in our Triumph Sports Owners Assoc, TSOA, but the club would only cover a percentage here in Victoria. My guess would be that you could double or more this figure. There are other Triumph cars Clubs in Victoria and they would have TR6 members. My best guess would be that their are 200 to 300+ TR6s in Victoria, and if you took this across Australia perhaps as many as 1000+
Kevin Farley

You got me confused.
The 2 are not the same.
is an international car club for TRs.
is simply a person who wants you to go to his WEB site and post (register with him) a picture of your 6 along with details including Commission number. The confusion might be in the VERY much so similarity in names.

The statement from Doug (posted above) "Today the TR Register, which admittedly does not have data on EVERY remaining TR-6 reflects the following registrations:" is correct (but see next sentence) and the data below the statement is correct.

The problem is that Doug accidentally typed the word REGISTER and it should have been REGISTRY. No offence given here Doug and I hope none taken.

The TR REGISTRY ONLY says the number of TRs that are registered at HIS web site.
Ron, Doug was pointing to 2 different WEB sites. The first "numbers" was from the Register (carb and PI) and the second "numbers" was from the registry.

Like I said in my last post. Go and REGISTRY your 6 at his site:) When I posted/registered my car at his site, there where only 6 pages of cars. Now there is 18.
Don AKA Yellowdog, you are absolutely correct. Keep in mind that the RegistRY is someones WEB site who wants you to go and post info on YOUR 6. I do not think he ever intended to infer that his list is the "official" numbers.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I'm totally confused as well, all I was pointing out was that the TR Register is the best source to find the number of 6s in the UK.
R. Algie


Ain't the internet wonderful!!??!! So close and yet so far away. Hmmmm, that might be a good lead in for a song. . . . Cue the female lead, Karen Carpenter?, naaa, never make the top ten.

I appreciate your straightening this out as I was begining to doubt what sanity I thought I had left.




Just a quick post script to all this.

I just went to the TR REGISTER site. Down on the lower left quadrant of the home page they have one of the Alta Vista translating links where you can select the language of your choice. Problem is that they do not have one for English???


Just kidding here, no offense meant to anyone living near the zero meridian.

I agree that the REGISTER is the best source and is accurate for total numbers built in the 6s life time.
Doug's' second set of numbers as to cars around the world was from the REGISTRY and that is what everyone jumped on my buddy about saying his numbers where in error. All I am saying is that these numbers ARE correct for the REGISTRY but not for the REGISTER .
Ron, look at his post and you will see why everyone jumped on him. Like I said, he accidentally typed the word with ER at the end and it should have been with RY. Doug obviously went to both sites and got the numbers.

Chris, apologies to you for your thread taking a left turn.
The song name...Dazed and confused...but then that is taken:)
Lets all post our cars to the RegistRY and bring the number up to 91,850 (well closer). Then this thread we can all laugh about.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

OK guys, I've taken enough lumps. My intent was to respond to Chris Perkins' comment regarding TR-6's in the UK. There are some!! How many, obviously I don't have a clue, but several are registered as Rick Crawford aptly describes. Likewise the US, Canada and the ROW. So Chris, you KNOW that there are TR-6 STILL in the UK. Y'all also know how many were produced, exported and marketed domestically. As Rick Crawford points out, if you want your data known register your vehicle and send a photo.
Doug Baker

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