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Triumph TR6 - Are Those Ontario Plates???

Anybody recognize these cars???

Wherever it is the people that are bailing out of their cars don't show much brain power.
HP Henry Patterson

Thanks Don that was great! My whole family had good laugh. I think they are Michigan plates my self.
I heard some pretty hard American dialects in there.
What about that guy filming, he yells to the girl to get out of the way car that's going to crush her but doesn't buge to help her. And I love the Flintstones braking power, when in danger dig in those heels.

What a smile that brought to my face - Thanks Don..... We don't see snow here (40 deg C tomorrow and almost never freezing in Winter). You gotta love the soundtrack!!!
Roger H

I agree with Chris. You can see a white plate and a blue plate which Michigan has.
Ya gotta love the 2 guys bailing out.
Luckily the guy at least told the "blond" to get up and off the road...the guy did not even hit the horn!

There is another cool on with the "bumper cars" in Oregon.

While you are at utube, check out my vid from last summer. search TRIUMPH TR6 VIDEO

Rick Crawford


Why did you have to make me watch your video?

Now I want to go for a drive so bad.

Nice video by the way.

S Demers

Know how you feel. Have not sat in my 6 since last OCT.
But, making the video made me feel a little better.
If you listen closely you can hear my son "squak" the tires going into 2nd while crossing the bridge. Maybe he needs to buy my next set of red lines.
Rick Crawford


Great TR6 Video!!! Your car looks great; sounds better. Those concession roads in Ontario must be a lot of fun in a 6 and I especially got a kick of your boy doing the little shifting chirp on the bridge. When I was 21 and "more" foolish I used to chirp the tires in all four gears in the TR4A but now I know the value of all those rear end bits. I've got to get a video with sound to hear what kind of noise mine makes going through the gears. Sitting here in the middle of a real down-east blizzard having a rum and can't wait for Spring to get back in the 6 again. Should have the new engine rebuild started next weekend and ready for April. Happy motoring!

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

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