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Triumph TR6 - As First President ...

Bush said
"Had TO DO It"

The 6 is up for sale.
Locally on CL
Don Kelly

Ah Don!!! What's CL?
Doug Baker

Craig s List

Looks like 90-95% chance I will be moving to your neck of the country
Don Kelly

A difficult decision. We will mourn your loss but it will be to the benefit of someone else.
Job change taking you to the south or other?
Michael Petryschuk

Wife's job
I'm a kept man

We've been trying for 3 years so after 2 false starts ,we're crossing our fingers
Don Kelly

Passed this info on to a coupla guys in the Boise area. I think they may get in touch.....
Hopefully not too late?!??!

If I wasn't right in the middle of a 'project' I'd come callin' with money in hand.....hard one to pass up...
Rod Nichols

You want to do it like the carbs??
Don Kelly

Good luck Don, I hope everything works out for you.
Kypros Christodoulides

I still will have my Wedge so still a TR owner
Don Kelly

This thread was discussed between 04/05/2012 and 05/05/2012

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