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Triumph TR6 - BBSers get together

Just a note to everyone coming, bring appetites!
I don't mind having beer left over but I don't want to be eating stale sandwiches and chili for a week.
See ya tomorow.
Christopher Trace


Thank for a great afternoon in a nice and toasty warm garage.

Food and drinks were great and got to meet some great people of course having a TR6 with a V8 as a conversational piece wasn't that bad either.

Many Thanks again and looking forward to other get-together events


Hey Chris..
Thanks for a great, brown pops and nice TR6 guys.....what a combo !
Charlie B.

Thank you.
YUP.. you hosted a very fine gathering of the Ontario connection. You out did yourself this time. A lot bigger from the first BBSers at your old home. It seems it does not matter summer or winter, when ever there is a BBSers the weather co-operates.
Chris I am jealious of your garage. The heater guys is the type you would find over your head at the local hockey arena. Now the good many of us park our cars on a 12x18 persian rug?

Don K just for you...the MIATA seats, I must admit, looked good and where comfortable. Nice touch with a speaker in the head rest.
Thanks again Chris and Andrea.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Great way to spend the afternnon, and a nice way to see some familiar faces at a time of year we normally wouldn't, and to meet a couple of guys known only through the board.
Thanks to Rick for the software, Ken for emailing me some great pictures, and Chris and Andrea for hosting a very friendly get-together!
Simon R

Great fun. Chris, thanks for the grub and suds. Everytime we get together as a group, a learn something new about my car and I'm reminded why I love this hobby. Looking forward to the Ancaster gathering and the end of this winter season.


HTA sections 12 and 13 outline the offences re: plates. No mention of rust. Everything else but natural aging (ie rust) is prohibited. Police have no authority to make you buy a new plate.

Subclause 12 (1)(b) "defaced" implies deliberate but is not sufficient. Mind you, cops can always give you BS, even lay a bad charge.

Happy 407 motoring.

x-OPP, x-MTO.
Mati Holland

Hey Chris
thanks for a great afternoon,can't wait to finish the
final touches to my car and drive many miles in my new seats.
M Macdonald

Hey Chris, Thanks a bunch for the guys afternoon at the garage!! Having car pics, video's, beer, sandwiches, killer chili and a ground pounding V8 TR. It just doesn't get better. Very well done and thanks for having us!
Special note Rick C you just raise the bar in generosity and support of our LBC's. YOU DA MAN!!
Ken great pics and vids... what a fab collection.
Charlie B thanks for the ride!
The rest of the guys great to meet you.

Drive til ya drop!!
Thanks Brian
B.R. Horne

Oh my God,
Thanks folks,.....look at me it says I am a member (doing the chicken dance) Thanks Charlie.

Folks that get together was great. I need to express how fantastic you folks are and informative too. Chris thanks for the venue and the great food. Rick the cd was a real treat. Mati as always a real pal. Dino Simon, Malcolm, Charlie look forward to seeing you soon. Ken thanks for all the additional tid bits you emailed. Brian I will contact you soon. See you all in Ancaster.

See what a gathering of TR6 owners can do for you.
Congrats to the NEW you get the ARCHIVES for free!
Might I suggest you disguise you e-mail address a little bit...just a little protection from bots. Click on CUSTOMIZE at the top.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

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