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Triumph TR6 - Body Mount Kit

Anybody out there had any experience installing a TRF or Moss body mount kit to their TR6 without doing a frame-off? I'm considering this as a Winter project and it appears if the car is properly secured on jack stands, it would be possible to jack the floor pans and other points an inch or so to slip in the new mounts. Reason for doing: getting some tub shake and when jacked up, doors won't open so there is definitely flex there somewhere. Frame was checked out and is perfect. Any advice appreciated.
1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

bob. if you buy the kit, get it from trf,theirs is packaged and marked to position, the moss one is just thrown in a box and sent to you. ask me how i know lol
jw nolen


You should be able to do it as you suggest. All you will need patience. A second set of hands may help as well.

That is assuming all the body threaded nuts you are installing the mounting bolts to are in good shape. You may need to re tap them.Or you may break off bolts in the nuts or break welds that hold the nuts attached to the frame depending upon how rusted they are. Use penetrating fluid and if needed heat where you can.

I did a frame off and replaced all the nuts on the frame at the time so when I installed new bolts they went in very nicely.

But the sag may be related to weakened A , B posts or rocker sills so it may not resolve your problem.
Michael Petryschuk

Hi Bob,
If you place the stands close to the wheels you'l find you can open the doors no problem...see pics

Charlie B.

Hi Bob
Front stand

Charlie B.

Thanks guys. I like the TRF kit for the reasons stated so will go with that one. Good tip Charlie; I'll try that.
Bob Evans

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