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Anybody see that Basil is talking about shutting down his forum. I know there are a couple of contributers from this site on his.

Never found that forum to be as informative as this one or as user friendly.
I also have no time for emokons (sp?) and "rating" a poster.
Still... a pitty.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Agree with you, it is just grat to see a different view point. Though I do like the pic posting nice

I'm sure someone will pick up where Basil left off. A comprehensive site that I didn't enjoy nearly as much as hanging around here.

Rick O.
72 TR6
Rick Orthen

I'll have to agree with the Rick twins.(I give that name with respect.:-) You guys always have informative things to say!). This forum is a lot more informative. Heck... I got a hold of you in my backyard!!

From the twins...thanks.
Please 'splain the backyard comment.
Where you sitting around the pool with a wobbly pop in one hand and the wireless lap top in the other?
Rick C (the younger one:)
Rick Crawford

Rick C--I'm still thinking about your age comment.
Rick Orthen

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