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Triumph TR6 - Bronte All British Car Show

Hello to all
I know this is not a technical issue but one of the whole purposes of owning our cars is to drive them.Also it is good to meet some of the posters on this BBS at a car show. The drive down (2.5 up..bummer) was uneventful and tend to hear more noises with the top up (first time for me to drive my baby with the top up). I met Chris , Charlie, and Bill. Chris is the one with extra 2 cylinders under the hood. A very nice example of a V8 conversion. Talk about a sleeper. When Chris was asked how fast have you had her going he said at about 190 KPH I backed off saying the car was not built to go that fast ( I think there was something else in there about longevity ). He also stated there was still lots more room under the gas pedal. Very nice car Chris, you did an excellent job. Charlie has a very nice white 6 that has a wind block on it. We all went over to look at it and found out that no it did not come from the US but instead he made it himself. WE KNOW that Charlie is going to go into the business of making them for us:) The interesting part of his wind block is that Charlie has added a black vinyl extension to it that snap fits to the bar of the wind block and goes down to snap fit to the base of the back shelf at the floor board. TOTAL wind block. Oh Ya Charlie had an intersting story (history information: "I drive a white '75 and I'll wear my t-shirt that matches the car with my licence plate embroidered on it...TR RIFIC)" The embroidery work looks exactly like an Ontario plate. Charlie said a lady came up to him and said that he should turn the embroidery work into a real licence plate..we had a chuckle over that. Bill as you have read is doing a full body off restoration and when done we will all be able to druel all over his car. He had some pics with him and is progressing fine and will look good. Bill had some pics of his other handy work in the form of NA metal..nice truck. Now if I had a shop like his I would be really happy. Bill, do not know if I won anything...missed the awards presentation...too busy talking to you. Thanks for the pic of MY MSTRS. Did not get to say good buy to Charlie or Chris as I was over at BAS getting my 2 new BPVs.The trip home was again top up and intermitent wiper blades would have been helpfull. Where is that Lucas guy when you want him :)
Now I am almost embarrased to report the following. I am having difficulty beleiving it myself, but here are the facts: Sat(12:25PM) filled up with Sunoco Ultra 94 (27.7 litres @ .847/Litre). Mileage on odometer 55296.5 miles. Had a short drive up here and then Sunday off to Bronte car show. One way mileage 101.3 miles. Cruised at 100KPH ( 60MPH) but obviously some towns a traffic lights on the way down. Odometer reading now 55527.3 so 230.8 miles. gas gauge reads just under half. She holds 11.25 Imp. Gallons so I am saying I used 6 gallons of gas. For 230 miles. Well that equates to 38.46 Miles/ Gallon. GEEESSS...I need a tune up! Maybe I should return the BPVs and leave her alone!
Anyway, it was nice meeting fellow BBSers and seeing their pride and joy.
Till the next problem
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Think that we (in the ontario area) should have exchanged lic plate # & car colours so that we could have easily met all the BBS posters ...would have liked to met the regular contributors in person, but did recall seeing those cars with the lic plates in the display as you mentioned.

While I drove my TR there, it is not yet ready to show as it is cosmetically challenged and relegated to park with the rest of the 'common cars'. Delft Blue Lic '7S TR6' (the 'S' from a distance looks like a '5'. Incidentally there where 2 very nice German cars in the parking lot viewing the Brit cars: Porsche 356 and Mercedes 300SL convert. Nice to see

Certainly one of the most interesting TR's was the Italia (lic # 'RARE TR'). Other notables was the pre-production Austin Healy 100/4 (gleaming Aluminum) and also owned by the same owner was the first production 100/4; A Jaguar XK 150 Drophead, and a real Shelby Cobra 427 (also in gleaming Aluminum)

I do think the organizors have to restrict entry to cars that are at least a minimum 15 years or older as it makes no sense to display a new Mini, Jaguar Contour/Mondeo errr X-type or the Land Rover Freelander etc etc Isn't that what new car dealerships are for???!! My exception to the rule is if it were a unique modern low production car then they could get in for example Jaguar XJ 220, MacLaren F1. And final point...replicas STAY HOME

Wow. I also attended the Bronte park show and was humbled by the magnificent cars. The Italia was spectacular as was the DB4. I really should have at least washed my little effort prior to the show. The TR4s looked great. I didn't realize the TR250s were essentially the TR4s with the 6 engine. There was a beautiful burgendy 4 there, wire wheels, spotless. After a plesant afternoon, I was almost afraid to fire up my car, convinced it was going to make it's nasty hrraoockkkkk starter noise and start spewing smoke. Much to my delight, it behaved. I saw Fred there, but other than that, couldn't contact any of my email correspondents. Still very fun afternoon.



Hello gang!
Where is Bronte situated?
Pierre demers

Hi Pierre

Just a little west of Toronto. If you go to the Toronto Tr website. They host.

They give excellent maps and info. Hope to see you there next year long run but well worth it. Just a sea of cars.

We should all make a mental note for next year to post how to find us as Rick C. and Charlie did. With Chris and the V8 just watch for a nice quiet little Red TR with half the OPP force following going Nahh too much coffee.

Next year I hope to have a finished rolling frame and engine on my trailer. If they let me in I may win something for most exposed roadster. And easy to find.

B Brayford

To All
Yup Next year I plan a surprise to show my car off, and will arrive a little earlier next year so as to get in on the voting. For you southern folk there will be pics posted at the WEB site Bill mentions some time soon for the 2002 will probable see (wear your sunglasses) the Healy mentioned above.
As a famious Canadian actor once said ( and started it all) Have a great day EH?
Rick C
P.S. Pierre, It would be a good day of travel for you. Burlington ON, (just before Hamilton off QEW).
Rick Crawford

Pierre - I hope you're going to British invasion at Stowe this Saturday. Quebec City is only about 300 miles for you.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Thanks to recall it to me.
I've heard about the Brit.Invasion ,but had forgotten the date.
Will you be with your TR3A ?
Pierre Demers

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