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Triumph TR6 - CD2 Still Available... for a Few Weeks

It is almost a year since Rick finished CD2, and the website I set up for it is going to be shut down in a few weeks. If anyone doesn't have a copy then now's your chance! Email either Rick or me if you would like the address and password for the download site.

For anyone new to the board, this CD is a goldmine of information for your TR6, which Rick (and others) put together when they noticed things disappearing from the internet - fears of getting sued lead to the removal of all those great Nelson Riedel articles, for example. Keeping this in mind, remember that Rick and I (or anyone else for that matter) accept no responsibility for your actions - if you work on your car you do so at your own risk!

We believe that there is no copyright material available on the site, but if you feel this is not correct then please let us know and we will remove the offending items immediately.

By the way, Rick has also given me the address of another website whih has earlier TR information available (service bulletins, workshop manuals and such). We have no connection to this site, but you may find something of interest at

I would like to thank Rick and the others who contributed to the CD - my apologies to the unnamed contributors! It has helped me out more times than I can count, and it is people like these who make our hobby accessible to novices like myself.


What can I say,
Thanks again Alistair for helping out to distribute CDII. My partner in crime, Doug Baker, was the other creator of the CD. Also Ken Jackson contributed most of the "cool extra stuff".
For you new guys to the BBS, this CD contains all the stuff you can not find (or in some cases can not access) on the WWW anymore..
Everything on the CD WAS available to anyone to acquire. Like Alistair says, every effort has been made to not have it contain copyright material.
So If you want to check to see if the TR Register CD is there, well you are welcome to get CDII but you will not find the TR Register CD. You will just have to join the Register and get it.
(sorry could not resist pointing this out)

For those who have CDII, there is nothing new except the WEB site Alistair mentions above. This WEB site come to me via Don Kelly. If you know someone with a TR 2/3 the Bentley shop manual is on this site. You guys with A Type ODs will want the repair manual for this Over Drive.
The Service bulletins are kinda interesting.
This is THE last offer for this free deal. You will see on e-bay similar costly offerings containing JUST the shop manual.
Also, get the stuff removed from the CD. Worth looking at. It is only removed so that the one file will fit on to a CD. My current collection of TR stuff is 1.5MB.
Within 3 years everything will be gone.
Get it now while quantities last:)
Did we mention it is free.
E-mail either of us for the password and user-name.
Enjoy and thanks again Alistair.

PS as Alistair said, It is almost a year since CDII was released and Alistair said 77 downloads from the site.
Rick Crawford


You've got mail.

1976 - TR6
Bob Evans

YGM Alistair

Tim Brand

What is the website?
i did not see a link.
Mike Munson

The file comes as a compressed .rar file. Does anyone know of shareware that I can use to extract this file?

Thanks in advance,
B. Lanoway

Brian ... I found this in the archives from Rick Crawford just after the link was announced

It has come to my attention that some are not familiar with WinRar. The extraction software WinRar is needed to extract the files *.RAR

I think it should still be in use.

Sid Turner

Forgot about that little problem..sorry. Thanks Sid.

Some interesting READING that Don K. has passed on to me. Go to this WEB site and go down to bottom for a link to MAINTENANCE HANDBOOK.
Some of you might recognize this layout. I saw it many moons ago as the ZIMMERMAN WEB site which disappeared then came back. Now it is also back as the VTRs page along with Zimmermans's page. Not sure who did it first. Specifically look down towards bottom of the link and you will see NEW. This part is "NEW" to me and I have READ it. Nice little article on the tranny and the A type OD.
You might even consider joining the VTR.

PS Mr. Munson
READ the first 2 posts.

Also I have win rar and it is available via bit need to give out your personal info....but then you can always put a block on afterwards.

Rick Crawford

Hello Alistair, I have been watching the site for years and thru the archives have resolved issues on my own with my car. Very rewarding to say the least. I would like to get my hands on your CDII if it not to much trouble. Thankyou Alistair, Rick and all the others who regularly visit and post on this site. You all make for great reading. Mark
JM Johnson

Hi guys

Time is running out... Last chance to download is this weekend - website will be taken down early next week. There have been 90 requests for the download information, so I think it has been quite successful - I am sure that you will all join me in thanking Rick and co. once again for putting this information together.

If you are reading this after February 2007, or if you don't have broadband to download such a large file, then you can always e-mail for a copy of the CD by post!


A big thanks to you. Sure was easier distributing than CDI. 90, that is good. CDII would not have been this successful without your help.
Remember guys, give a copy to another TR6 owner.
Rick Crawford

I heard Rick's almost done with CD III

Rick Crawford

That is kinda misleading.
NOPE as in not happening.
Rick Crawford

Aw come on! What else you got to do???

Hi I sent an email to a couple of you asking if the access to the cd was still available. I never got a response. Am I to assume that this means they are no longer available? Thanks


Did you swap DOT with a real . in my e-mail address? I haven't received anything from you. I was just in the process of closing the site, but I can wait until tomorrow if you want to download today...


I never got an e-mail either. My e-mail also needs removal of the AT and DOT.
Thanks again Alistair!!!
Rick Crawford

You are right Alistair. What a dummy I am. I used Dot instead of .
Thanks for pointing that out. I have sent a new email.

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