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Triumph TR6 - Convertible Top Replacement

Anyone out there with wisdom to share on installing a new top? Already have the frame stripped, painted, and the handles back on. The two books I have are useless, though I got an article from Roger Bolick from the Vintage Triumph Register
that I'm going through now.
Anyway, you guys seem to have done it all, so I thought I'd post the question to get any advice I can.

Thanks again,

Mark, there is a good articleon The Vintage Triumph Register on Soft Top Installation by Roger G. Bolick. It is very detailed and works well. I believe the web site is Roger listed his e-mail as I used the instructions and very worked great. Good luck.

Mark, sorry I made an error on The Vintage Triumph Regrister web site. The correct site is That's what happens when the ' ole ' fingers are not in sync with the eyes. Good luck on the installation.

Hi Mark
I am in same boat. Mine is on but am waiting till next summer to finish it (warm weather). Read a previous thread titled SNAP TOOL INSTALLATION. I will follow this thread to see what people say.
Rick Crawford

Who manufactures tops using Haartz 'Stayfast' (or other brand) canvas material for the TR-6? I know it isn't original, but the look is simply impeccable.


Rick Orthen

Try these guys. I bought a top from them and have been very impressed with the quality. Did not install myself. Paid $100 for installation so total cost came to $339. What a deal. Caribou promised delivery in two weeks but I had to wait two months. Just as well though. I'm delighted. Will tell you that the top comes with snaps in place. Mine didn't. Another bonus as they are never located in right position. Good luck!

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