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Triumph TR6 - Demise of VTR?

am I the only one unable to access VTR anymore?

Is this the end of an era?


Jim Deatsch

Jim, I couldn't access either, but for the longest time I could not open Zimmerman's page either.
Keith Dixon

Could be a server/host issue or some other cause. There was period last year if I am remembering correctly that this site was dead for a week or so.

As for the Zimmerman site, Keith what URL do you have? I have the old one and it is still dead.

I have run across a pretty good search engine for dead links. If push comes to shove you can always take a trip in the Wayback Machine:

Hey, guys. I'm pretty sure I was on the VTR site earlier this week and there was no mention of any "problems". Probably down for maintenance.

Here's a link to what was in most of the old Zimmerman site that adds to the procedures in VTR:

Brent B

I asked on another list and Mike Cook came back that Vernon Brannon, the President of VTR reports that their server had a crash and they are working very hard to get the VTR web site back on-line ASAP. They don't know when that will be. But they'll be back.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

As of 0800 east coast US a partial VTR page has appeared.
Keith Dixon

VTR seems to be back to normal.
Keith Dixon

This thread was discussed between 15/11/2003 and 23/11/2003

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