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Triumph TR6 - Differential Differences

Hi Guys,

Is there any differences in the fit of differentials between the diffent years.

I need to relpace my 1972 Diff.

L Caya


As far I remember they are all the same except for TR250 with a 3.7 ratio.

Jean G.
J. G. Catford

Ken you picked a good year.

According to The Roadster Factory there are 2 different difs. One for up to mid 1972 the other for after mid 72. They are both 3.7 ratio. Difs out of P.I. models all years where 3.45 ration and had same situation for the mid year 1972 break.
I do believe that all the difs have the same mounting though.

Rick Crawford

Thanks for your input.
I'm now debating whether to transfer the gears into my recently restored housing or replace the oil seal in the TR4 version and use it as rusted as it is. How difficult would it be to transfer all the gearing into the original TR6 housing (assuming the gears and bearings are worth using)?

L Caya

Ken-The only difference might be the type of spacer used on the pinion-solid for the TR4,maybe collaspsible for the Tr6. But, because you are changing housings, all of the specs. like bearing pre-load for the pinion&carrier,contact of the ring&pinion,and backlash would have to be checked. Bearings would also have to be removed&replaced. Pretty much the same procedure involved in rebuilding a diff. Not to mention the tools needed.

BTP Price

Thanks Berry, that's what I was afraid of. I guess I will finish inspecting the condition of the TR4 dif. replace the oil seal then clean it up add a little paint and be back on the road sooner.

Thanks again,

L Caya

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