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Triumph TR6 - Door Rattles

I'm thinking of taking a shot a lessening that annoying rattle when I close my doors. I suspect the window mechanisms are sloppy and could use some rubber or felt washers, spacers, mounts, etc... or some such solution.

Anyone done this job previously?
Ken Shaddock

Hello Ken, I had the same problem in the past with the windows rattling whenever the doors were closed or whenever I went over a bump. The glass is a lose fit inside the rails. You have to add something along the length of the rails to stop this from happening.(A very fiddly job) I chose the easy way and bought some up-market rails from e-bay which were advertised as dealing with this particular problem,which they did. I think the seller made a batch of them and I bought one of the few last sets. Try e-bay and maybe you will get lucky.
I hope this helps.
Kypros Christodoulides

Thx KC.. will have a look.
Ken Shaddock

KC... you're a genius. I looked more closely at the window glass before I pulled the panel off and saw that if I wound the window up all the way (no rattle). If I wound the window to about an 1/8 above the opening the glass rests tight in its track and does not rattle. Yahoo... cheapest fix ever!
Ken Shaddock

Yo Ken:
Somebody here posted that fix years ago - so long I forgot all about it. It's now force of habit that when I roll down the windows I roll 'em back up a touch so that the rubber grabs 'em and thus no rattle. Well not as much :0)
P.S. Could be mice skeletons rattling around.
Bob Evans

Hi Ken
You should have this web site in your favorites.
These are a few from Bob's site that will help
with your rattles

You should also have this web site bookmarked in your favorites
Have fun
Joe S

Thx Joe... I have that site (Bob's) bookmarked and forgot about it. Duh. Yet another senior moment.

Ken Shaddock

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