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Triumph TR6 - E3 Spark Plugs

Hello... does anyone have any experience with E3 spark plugs from Diamond Fire Technology in our sixes? I'm told by these folks that the E3.34 denotes the correct plug. I've not found previous chat on this in Archives.

They claim more power, better fuel economy. Saw reference to these plugs on Speed TV... maybe Hot Rod TV... Steve David or Jay Leno.
Ken Shaddock

Hello Ken,

Bosh offers such plug under name Platinum +4 or Pl-Iridium fusion. But if you look at their application for TR6 none of them is recommended. For TR6 the best is WR8DP+ that is easily available at our favorite CDN-Tire.

I remember on another forum that topic was discussed with lot of not so positive feedback on multiple electrode plug.


Jean G.
J. G. Catford

Good to know, thank you Jean G. I have no complaints with what I have now... just get curious when someone starts to talk up a new product.

I'm sure my go-to guy Brian Cullingford in Barrie rolls his eyes when I ask about the latest new thing. He's quite interesting to talk to about oil additives too. He's been in the brit car business forever and speaks from experience... as do all of you kind folk on this forum.
Ken Shaddock

I'm sure they are good for lightening your far as better power and fuel economy...well that's been claimed all to many times before. My TR6 is plenty fast with the standard style plugs.
JT White

No doubt JT... I should put the cost of all my daydreams in the bank.
Ken Shaddock

If I can only find that carb that gets 100 MPG! : )
JT White

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